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Guidelines: Skills for IB Majors

Guidelines: Scientific Process

  • A flow chart of the steps used in scientific inquiry with a concrete example of one complete inquiry.

    Glossary: Scientific Process

  • All the ‘jargon’ used in the scientific process, including those involved with hypothesis testing, experimental design, figures, and statistics.

    Guidelines: Library Search

  • Simple set of steps to take to do an electronic search for literature for your project.

    Guidelines: How to Read a Graph

  • A beginner’s primer: 3 basic steps to follow in learning to describe and interpret scientific graphs.

    Guidelines: Basic Statistics

  • Includes explanation and formula for use in descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, range) and these analytical statistics:
    • t-text, Chi-square (contingency test), correlation, regression, ANOVA.
  • How to Choose Among Statistical Tests
    • Criteria to use in selecting the statistical test appropriate for your experimental design.
  • Statistical Test Flow Diagram
    • A hierarchical flow diagram to use in selecting the appropriate statistical test to use.

    Guidelines: Figures + Statistics in EXCEL 2010/11

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to produce figures and complete descriptive and analytical statistics using EXCEL. Also examples of how to write results, including reference to figures/tables and statistical summary.

    Guidelines: Figures + Statistics in EXCEL 2003/4

  • same skills as in Guidelines for How to Make Figures and Do Statistics in Excel 2010/2011, but for versions of EXCEL 2003/2004

    Guidelines: Writing an Abstract

  • Hints to use in writing an abstract, including its six basic components; an example is given.

    Guidelines: Writing a Scientific Manuscript

  • Detailed instructions on how to write Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion, and format to use for Literature Cited of a scientific manuscript. When beginning to write an entire paper, start here to see all the steps and details to follow.

    Guidelines: A Sample Manuscript - Word Document

  • A complete manuscript is here, together with pointers highlighted at the side of many parts.

    Guidelines: Oral Presentation

  • Hints on how to create and deliver a successful 15-minute oral presentation.

    Guidelines: Leading a Formal Discussion

  • Guidance for how to lead the discussion of a scientific paper.

    Guidelines: Making a Poster

  • A detailed guideline for making a poster- including tips on design and formatting and tips for clearer content.

    Poster Template - PDF Document

  • A simple visual template for making a poster - with directions and tips for each component.