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When Should You Declare
an IB Major?

At present, it is not possible to select IB as a major when you first enroll as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois. Instead, you must enroll in the biological sciences curriculum. (Click here for further explanation.) During your freshman year, you will take two introductory courses, IB 150 (Organismal and Evolutionary Biology) and MCB 150 (Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life). These courses serve as introductions to the two Schools, Integrative Biology (IB) and Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) and will provide you with the foundation for the core courses in each School.


Once you have completed these courses, you may declare an IB (or MCB) major during registration for the fall semester in the middle of your second semester freshman year, or at the start of your sophomore year. See the web page Declaring an IB Major for more details.


You may delay declaring a major until the end of your sophomore year, but we strongly recommend against this. The earlier your make your decision the sooner you can select an advisor in IB to help you plan out courses for the rest of your time at Illinois. Call 333-6774 to make an appointment to see an IB advisor.