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Jona Kristo

Jona Kristo

Graduated: May 2012

What you're up to now: Currently, I am working as a Sales Consultant for a biotech company, specializing in life science research solutions for labs of all sizes. I love the ability to utilize my major and past experience in the lab to help my customers find the best solutions to advance their research. After seeing how dedicated they are to advancing science and medicine, it truly makes me feel like I am making a difference in the world of science.

How you feel IB helped prepare you for your career: IB was the perfect major to understand the broad spectrum of biology. When I speak with my customers, I feel thankful that I had the chance to study a major that is completely applicable to all areas of research.

Why you chose IB: I knew I wanted to study Biology from all perspectives of life and IB
allowed me to visit each of these perspectives. It truly painted the entire picture of what
Biology is and how it affects our daily lives.

Favorite IB class and why: IB 360 because I really enjoyed the applications of the concepts
we learned in our core classes. I always knew I had a passion for medicine and the world of
research, and this class really put those concepts into an everyday perspective. Overall, it made me appreciate the wonders of biology and science.

Favorite extracurricular activities (undergraduate research, clubs, etc.) and why: I had the opportunity to work in Dr. Gaskins’ lab in the Department of Animal Sciences. After several years with the amazing staff, I learned the many processes of the research lab that I utilize in my career to this day.

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