School of Integrative Biology

School of Integrative Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Additional Approved IB Courses

The list below shows the advanced SIB courses that fulfill requirements in the IB major for additional courses. Click here to see the list of IB Advising Options and links to courses suggested for each.

Course No.Course TitleCredit (hours)Offered
IB 348 Fish and Wildlife Ecology 3 fall
IB 363 Plants and Their Uses 3 spring
IB 411 Bioinspiration 3 fall (online 2nd 8 weeks)
IB 416 Population Genetics 3 spring
IB 421 Photosynthesis 3 fall, odd
IB 442 Evolution of Infectious Disease 3 spring
IB 477 Genomics for Plant Improvement 3 fall
IB 478 Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics 3 fall
IB 484 Palioclimatology 4 fall
IB 487 Math Modeling in Life Sciences 3 spring
IB 488 Environmental Stable Isotopes 3 spring
IB 491 Biological Modeling 3 fall
IB 492 Science Communication Skills 3 spring
IB 496 BP Intl Development in Practice 2 spring
IB 496 SC Raising the BARS: Becoming a Research Scientist 2 spring
MCB 250 Molecular Genetics 3 fall, spring, summer
MCB 300 Microbiology 3 fall, spring, summer
MCB 314 Introduction to Neurobiology 3 fall
MCB 450 Introductory Biochemistry 3 fall, spring, summer


* indicates a laboratory or field component.