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Seeing the world like a fish

Animal biologist develops app to see fishing lures through the eyes of a bass

It’s widely known that cats, dogs and other furry friends see the world differently than we do. But what about animals that are a little bit below the surface — like fish?

Until now, there hasn’t actually been much research into the topic, but thanks to Becky Fuller, professor of animal biology in the School of Integrative Biology, there’s now an iPhone app that helps people see the world as a fish would, at least when it comes to largemouth bass.

Fuller’s app, BassVision, which she created with help from Information Technology Services at Illinois, as well as her colleagues at BassInSight, a small company where she is president, is intended to help anglers catch bass by showing how the fish see their lures.

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Publication Date: 11/17/2017
Photo credits: Becky Fuller
Editor: Samantha Jones Toal