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This is a list of faculty that have historically accepted undergraduates into their labs for IB 390 or 490 credit. This list does NOT indicate that faculty currently have openings in their labs. Students must contact faculty individually to learn about potential openings in the lab.

IB 390/IB 490 Faculty

Ainswort Ainsworth,  Elizabeth
147 ERML/1408 IGB

Plant Biology, PEEC

Plant physiological and molecular responses to global change, leaf growth and development, photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
Photo Allan,  Brian
339A Morrill Hall

Associate Professor
Entomology, PEEC

Ecology of infectious diseases
Alleyne Alleyne,  Marianne
518B Morrill Hall

Research Scientist; Director of Online Teaching and Learning
Entomology, School of Integrative Biology

Host-parasitoid interactions
Photo Bell,  Alison
439 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor; Affiliate, Institute for Genomic Biology; Member, Neuroscience Program
Animal Biology, PEEC

Proximate causes and ultimate consequences of individual differences in behavior
Maybe Berenbaum,  May
216A Morrill Hall / 318B Morrill Hall
217-333-2910 / 217-333-7784

Professor & Head, Swanlund Chair
Entomology, PEEC

Chemical interactions between insects and host plants and their implications in the organization of natural communities
Photo Berlocher,  Stewart
304A Morrill Hall

Entomology, PEEC

Systematics, speciation, insect-plant coevolution
Bernacch Bernacchi,  Carl

Associate Professor
Plant Biology, School of Integrative Biology

Impacts of climate change on crop physiology, energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies, carbon sequestration, crop canopy responses to stress
Jbrawn Brawn,  Jeffrey
W-503 Turner Hall

Professor and Head, NRES
Animal Biology, PEEC

Conservation biology; comparative population and community ecology of vertebrates, especially birds; tropical ecology; statistical ecology; molecular evolutionary ecology
Carlacaceres thumb C├íceres,  Carla
433 Morrill Hall

Professor, SIB Director
Animal Biology

Population, community and evolutionary ecology; life-history evolution; ecology of infectious disease; limnology
Photo Cameron,  Sydney
215B Morrill Hall

Entomology, PEEC

Application of phylogenetics, behavior and development to address questions concerning the evolution of social behavior in bees; conservation status and causal factors in declining pollinators; evolution of color pattern mimicry in bees
Catchen julian 2006 Catchen,  Julian
233 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor
Animal Biology, PEEC

Evolution of the genome; identifying large structural variation in populations of threespine stickleback using a synthesis of genetic mapping, genome assembly, and mate-pair sequencing
Chen  l. Chen,  Li-Qing
1201 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801

Assistant Professor
Plant Biology

Plant Biology
C cheng Cheng,  C.-H. Christina
17E Burrill Hall

Animal Biology, PEEC

Evolutionary genomic, transcriptomic, and physiological changes in cold adaptation and specialization in Antarctic and Arctic fishes. Molecular evolution of antifreeze proteins and other cold-adaptive genes and functions. Marine biodiversity in Polar regions. Field research in Antarctica and the Arctic
Photo Conroy,  Jessica

Assistant Professor
Plant Biology, School of Integrative Biology

Photo Dalling,  James
265 Morrill Hall

Professor and Head
Plant Biology, PEEC

Tropical forest regeneration, seed and seedling ecology, pioneer species
Delucia DeLucia,  Evan H.

G. William Arends Professor of Integrative Biology; Professor; Director, Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment
Plant Biology, PEEC

Physiological ecology of vascular plants, photosynthesis, plant architecture, stress, climate change
Dewalt DeWalt,  Ed
2025 (ofc) / 2000 (lab) Robert A. Evers Laboratory

Affiliate, Aquatic Entomologist
Entomology, INHS

Taxonomy, ecology, and conservation of aquatic insects
Dietrich Dietrich,  Christopher
282 Natural Resources Building

Affiliate, Associate Center Director, Systematic Entomologist
Entomology, PEEC, INHS

Systematics, morphology, and evolutionary biology of leafhoppers and treehoppers; biodiversity and conservation of grassland ecosystems
Downie Downie,  Stephen R.
239 Morrill Hall

Professor, SIB Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Plant Biology, PEEC

Molecular systematics and phylogeny of extant angiosperms, with emphasis on Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), chloroplast genome structural evolution
Bfrancis Francis,  Bettina
679 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor
Entomology, School of Integrative Biology

Environmental and developmental toxicology
Fuller Fuller,  Becky
104 Shelford Vivarium

Associate Professor
Animal Biology, PEEC

Speciation, animal behavior and its underlying neurological mechanisms; sexual selection and the evolution of mating systems; phenotypic plasticity
Megray Gray,  Michael
N-305 Turner Hall

Professor Emeritus, Affiliate
Entomology, Crop Sciences

Integrated pest management
No photo Hanks,  Lawrence

Entomology, PEEC

Chemical ecology and conservation biological control
Akh Hansen,  Allison
365 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor
Entomology, PEEC

Genomics of insect-microbe interactions; integrated animal-microbe metabolisms; evolutionary genomics; microbiomes
Aht Harmon-Threatt,  Alex
255 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor
Entomology, PEEC

Pollination Ecology, Conservation and Restoration
Hauber Hauber,  Mark
469 Morrill Hall

Harley Jones Van Cleave Professor of Host-Parasite Interactions
Animal Biology

Swheads Heads,  Sam

Affiliate, Lead Paleontologist
Entomology, School of Integrative Biology, INHS

Kheath Heath,  Katy
249 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor
School of Integrative Biology, Plant Biology, PEEC

Mutualism coevolution: evolutionary and ecological genetics of plant-microbe interactions; evolutionary responses to global change
Fhu Hu,  Feng Sheng
265 Morrill Hall

Professor and Dean of LAS, and a Ralph E. Grim Professor of Geology
Plant Biology, School of Integrative Biology, PEEC

Ecosystem ecology, quaternary paleoecology, climatic change and biotic response, soil and sediment biogeochemistry
Photo Huber,  Steven
197 ERML

Plant Biology, Physiological & Molecular Plant Biology

Regulation of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in source and sink tissues with emphases on nitrate reductase, sucrose synthase and protein kinase specificity
Kpjohnso Johnson,  Kevin
284 Natural Resources Building, 607 E. Peabody Dr., Champaign, IL 61820

Affiliate, Principal Ornithologist
Animal Biology, Entomology, INHS, PEEC

Molecular systematics, host-parasite co-evolution, comparative approaches to studying the evolution of behavior in birds, co-speciation between birds and parasitic lice, population genetics of island biogeography
Photo Leakey,  Andrew
1402 IGB

Associate Professor
Plant Biology, PEEC

Genomic ecology of plant ecological strategies, genomic responses to climate change, response of maize to elevated carbon dioxide and drought
Slong Long,  Stephen
379 ERML/134 IGB

Gutgsell Endowed Professor
Crop Sciences, Plant Biology, PEEC

Environmental physiology, atmospheric change impacts on crops and natural vegetation, C4 photosynthesis, energy crops, mathematical models of photosynthesis
Malhi Malhi,  Ripan
209F Davenport Hall

Animal Biology, PEEC

Integrates population genetics, phylogenetics, ancient DNA analysis, and field research in collaboration with Native American communities; use of tools from molecular biology and population genetics; North America
Marshall colon  a. Marshall-Colon,  Amy
193 ERML

Assistant Professor
Plant Biology

Amiller7 Miller,  Andrew
2003 Robert Evers Lab

Plant Biology, PEEC

Character evolution of ascomycetes with emphasis on members of the Class Sordariomycetes, biodiversity and biogeography of ascomycetes
Photo Ming,  Ray
148 ERML

Plant Biology

Evolution of primitive sex chromosomes, genome structure of papaya, sugarcane, coffee and pineapple
Photo Molano-Flores,  Brenda

Affiliate, Senior Plant Ecologist
Entomology, Plant Biology, INHS

Prairie restoration, plant-insect interactions, reproductive biology of plants, population biology, conservation biology
Jodwyer O'Dwyer,  James
183 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor
Plant Biology, PEEC

We work with theoretical models and a broad range of data to understand patterns of biodiversity, from tropical forests to host-associated microbial systems like the human microbiome
Photo Ort,  Donald
1406 IGB

Plant Biology

Molecular and biochemical basis for environmental effects on photosynthesis, photosynthetic energy transduction
Photo Paige,  Ken
483 Morrill Hall

Animal Biology, PEEC

Plant-animal interactions with an emphasis on understanding the phenomenon of overcompensation from ecological, physiological, genetic and evolutionary perspectives; conservation biology; evolutionary ecology
Caphilli Phillips,  Christopher
185 NRB

Adjunct Assistant Professor/Affiliate
Animal Biology, PEEC

Population genetics, population ecology, and systematics, especially as applied to amphibians, reptiles, and fishes; phylogeny estimation using molecular markers; conservation genetics
Photo Punyasena,  Surangi
139 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor
Plant Biology, PEEC

Role of climate in long-term evolution of Neotropical forests; quantitative palynology
Sratclif Ratcliffe,  Susan
S-316 Turner Hall

Affiliate, Program Manager-Crop Sciences
Entomology, INHS, Crop Sciences

Integrated pest management
Soucek Riecks-Soucek,  David
107 NRS Annx.

Affiliate, Ecotoxicologist, Entomologist
Entomology, INHS

Aquatic ecotoxicology
Hughrobe Robertson,  Hugh
417 Morrill Hall

Entomology, PEEC

The molecular basis for insect olfaction and taste; insect and arthropod genomics
Generobi Robinson,  Gene
1608 IGB / 449 Morrill Hall

Swanlund Chair and Director, Institute for Genomic Biology;
Entomology, PEEC

insect social behavior and genomics
Photo Schuler,  Mary
162 ERML

Affiliate, Professor
Entomology, Plant Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Pre-mRNA processing, P450 monooxygenases and their role in plant-insect interactions
Lsolter Solter,  Leellen
140 NSRC

Affiliate, Insect Pathologist Section Leader
Entomology, INHS

Insect pathology
Suarez2 Suarez,  Andrew
515 Morrill Hall

I. C. Gunsalus Scholar, Professor and Head of Animal Biology
Animal Biology, Entomology, PEEC

Ant ecology and behavior; biological invasions
Sjtaylor Taylor,  Steven
229 Natural Resources Studies Annex

Affiliate, Senior Conservation Biologist
INHS, PEEC, Entomology

Cave and karst biology, conservation, and management
Dvoegtli Voegtlin,  David

Entomology, INHS

Biology and taxonomy of aphids, retired
Wahl Wahl,  David
235 NRSA

Illinois Natural History Survey; Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences; Affiliate Entomology, PEEC

Application of ecological principles to fisheries management; role of predators in controlling community dynamics; behavioral ecology of fishes; bioenergetic and bioeconomic modeling
Cww Whitfield,  Charles
422 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor
Entomology, PEEC

Molecular mechanisms and molecular evolution of social behavior, using social insects as a model; natural variation in individual behavior; high throughput genotyping and gene expression analyses
Jwhitfie Whitfield,  James
215 Morrill Hall

Entomology, PEEC

Ecology and phylogeny of parasitoid wasps
Yangw Yang,  Wendy
639 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor
Plant Biology, PEEC

Terrestrial biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, stable isotope ecology, soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas dynamics, climate change