Department of
Plant Biology

Academics in Plant Biology

Whether you're a prospective or current graduate or undergraduate student, find resources here to make the most our of your time involved in the Department of Plant Biology and the School of Integrative Biology. Here are series of resources to ensure your academic success, now and into the future.

Graduate Admission Resources

We hope you can join us in this dynamic graduate training program that offers a diverse yet individually tailored opportunity for students to develop expert-level skills.

Graduate Handbook

The definitive graduate student resource to provide new and continuing students in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with essential information for the smooth and successful completion of their graduate program.

Undergraduate Research

We strongly encourage undergraduate students, with (or even without) a career interest in biology, to engage in laboratory research during their undergraduate years. Find our more about the opportunities and expectations here.

Plant Biology Association of Grad Students (PBAGS)

Join us at the next PBAGS event, get involved, make new friends, and find the resources and peer networking you're looking for to advance your Plant Biology career or other professional and social opportunities.