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Plant Biology

Alumni & Friends of Plant Biology

As friends and graduates of the Department of Plant Biology in the School of Integrative Biology and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois, we thank you for your continued interest in our ongoing research and outreach, and we appreciate the support you provide in so many ways.

Below are pages with all the information and resources you need to stay connected or to get involved. In addition to all the giving opportunities, you'll see events, stories of fellow alumni, and other social resources, as well as many new ways to connect and participate in the academic growth of this great institution.

Giving to Plant Biology

Join the growing circle of friends and graduates of the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois making an enduring impact on our program through their generous gifts.

University of Illinois Alumni Association

Connect, Participate, Celebrate, and Give while you relate to fellow alumni through social media and the myriad of resources this campus provides you.

Liberal Arts & Sciences Alumni

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides some great resources to stay connected with fellow LAS graduates. Check out the ongoing events and find new ways to get involved at this great social resource page.