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Plant Biology

Plant Biology Greenhouse

The Plant Biology greenhouse supports the wide variety of teaching and research activities in the Department of Plant Biology, the School of Life Sciences, and throughout the University of Illinois.

About the Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Tours

The Staff of the University of Illinois Greenhouses welcomes visitors to participate in educational tours. Learn the important steps to ensure a meaningful visit for you and your group.

Operations Policy

The Plant Sciences Greenhouse complex is shared by 3 departments in 2 colleges. While many of the resources of this facility are to be shared, many are not. Learn how you can access our many resources while still respecting the property and activities of others in this facility.

Our Epiphyte Tree

The greatest diversity of plant material is found in the rainforest. An epiphyte, or air plant, is a plant that grows on another plant, typically trees. While orchids and bromeliads are the most commonly known epiphytes, some epiphytes are found in every major plant group of the plant kingdom. Join us in helping build and maintain our Epiphyte (Orchid) Tree.

Virtual Greenhouse Tours

View over 35 types of plants we cultivate here at the Greenhouse and you browse through pages of information and pictures.