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Study provides framework for one billion years of green plant evolution

Gene sequences for more than 1100 plant species have been released by an international consortium of nearly 200 plant scientists, the culmination of a nine-year research project.

The One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Initiative (1KP) is a global collaboration to examine the diversification of plant species, genes and genomes across the more than one-billion-year history of green plants dating back to the ancestors of flowering plants and green algae.

To enable highly accurate species trees for the 1KP datasets, Illinois Computer Science Professor and Affiliate of Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, Entomology, and Plant Biology Tandy Warnow, in collaboration with her former student Siavash Mirarab (now an assistant professor at UCSD), developed the ASTRAL-II method, which is now one of the leading methods for species tree estimation world-wide.

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Publication Date: 10/23/2019
Editor: Alan Flurry (, U. Georgia; Katie Willis (, U. Alberta