School of
Integrative Biology

Minor in Integrative Biology

Undergraduate Degree Program

A minor in Integrative Biology is ideal for students intending to have a career in a field other than biology, but for whom a background in biology is nevertheless complementary, e.g. law, technology, bioinformatics, business, scientific writing, and engineering.

Interested students should schedule an appointment with an IB advisor by calling 217-333-3046, make an appointment online, or just stop by our office in 2002 Natural History Building.

Hours Course Requirements
4 IB 150 - Organismal and Evolutionary Biology (4 hours)
or IB 103 - Introduction to Plant Biology (4 hours)
or IB 104 - Animal Biology (4 hours)
6-8 Two of the following:
IB 202 - Physiology (3 hours, lecture only; 4 hours, with lab)
IB 203 - Ecology (4 hours)
IB 204 - Genetics (3 hours, lecture only; 4 hours, with lab)
IB 302 - Evolution (4 hours)
6-8 Two additional courses at the 300 or 400 level selected from List of Area Courses for the IB Major*.
16-20 hours  

*Please note, all prerequisite courses must be taken if specified.