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Thank you for reaching out! Wherever you are in your journey, as an IB alum you have invaluable experiences and perspectives that will greatly benefit our students. Any amount of time you have can help inspire and shape the next generation of scientists, leaders and citizens. We look forward to learning from you!

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Collaboration Opportunities

We know everyone has different time commitments, so we've broken down collaboration opportunities by level of investment so you can select what works best for you. Explore the options below by clicking on the different collaboration opportunities.

This is just a small sample of all the ways you can help. Contact Christina Swanson for more ways to guide our students to career success.

Investment Level: Lowest / minutes

Role: Let us know a little about you, so we can keep track of what our alumni are doing with their IB degrees.

More information: what we'd like from you:

  • Your job title and employer (current and previous)
  • A short profile about your role
  • Your degree name and graduation date
  • How best to contact you with updates and programming
  • Connection to another alumni that has an exciting or unique job, winding career path, or might be interested in learning more about this program

Investment Level: Low / < 1 hour

Role: We will use the cumulative experiences of all our Stakeholders to give students a big-picture view of what an IB degree can lead to (and how to get there). Experiencing this collective journey will be essential to developing and broadening their experctations and goals.

Example Activities: Soft and technical skill brainstorm, Top 3 lists, share your application portfolio, resources you used to find your current job

Activity Description Deliverable
Skills Brainstorm brainstorm the technical and soft skills you use in your current position word document with a separate list for soft and technical skills
Top 3 lists reasons you are successful, people that most influenced your career success/trajectory, etc. word document with one or more lists; can be a longer list than just 3
Application Portfolio share your CV and/or personal statement and/or LinkedIn profile email the documents to Christina; add a short rationale underlying your choices

Investment Level: Intermediate / 1-3 hours

Role: You will provide a more in-depth look at IB-related careers, and the journey each of you have taken since your time at UIUC. This will be a unique and inspiring opportunity for the students, to get a first-hand look at multiple career trajectories.

Example Activities: Day/Week in the life, Career Trajectory Maps, Informational Interview, Describe your "brand", Your career goals over time

Activities Description Deliverable
Week in the Life walk us through a typical (or sample) day or week of work video, in-person talk, comic, powerpoint, or any other medium
Career Trajectory Map open to interpretation! E.g. timeline of jobs, map of skills acquired, key events any medium that best represents your journey, but likely a drawing, map, powerpoint, or handout
Informational Interview talk with a student about your job, career path, what makes you successful, etc. availability for a one hour conversation and a few follow up questions from the student

Investment Level: High / about 4-6 hours over a semester

Role: You will provide an immersive experience into your journey and your career so students can envision themselves in those roles. You will also provide a personal connection to the "real world" that they might not get anywhere else, motivating them to learn more about themselves and their goals.

Example Activities: Give a talk for IB299, Case Study development, resource development, Career alignment table

Activities Description Deliverable
Class Talk in person or via Zoom, focusing on one of the weeks' topics initial meeting (~30min), prep and resource development (~1 hr), pre-class meeting (~30min), class talk (20-30 min), respond to student questions (~1hr)
Case Study translate your unique challenges and exciting problems into case studies for students to flex their problem solving skills and walk in your shoes you can work with Steve Caldwell or Christina to develop this! Includes development of an activity with handout and either a video or in-class visit
Resource Development this is your opportunity to develop something you think would be helpful to others this is open ended in its content, execution, and duration, but will be in collaboration with Christina to ensure it aligns with the course objectives

Investment Level: Highest / as much time as you want!

Role: Help direct programming, enrichment opportunities, workshops, and other activities that advance the program goals

More information:

If you or your employer want to collaborate in creating activities or providing opportunities that help our students navigate their path to career success, let me know!

To be an Advisory Board member you will be a part of the planning process for program activities, and will be asked to advise and help direct program advancement. You will act as a mentor, resource, and contact for other alumni.

Enrichment experiences:

Do you know of any enrichment experiences, or do you have any available? Please let us know! Our students would really benefit from these experiences, such as:

  • mentoring
  • internships
  • research experience opportunities
  • job shadows


Do you know any other SIB alumni? Do you know of anyone else with SIB-related careers that might have an interesting experience to share? We would love names, contacts, and careers of other alumni.

Communication and Advertisement:

Provide us with a short bio, a picture of you at work (ideally not in a group), and your career progression and we will highlight you on our website! Let me know if you want to write something more extensive or specific to a topic and we can feature that as well.


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