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We know everyone has different time commitments, so we've broken down collaboration opportunities by level of investment so you can select what works best for you.

This is just a small sample of all the ways you can help. Contact Christina Swanson for more ways to guide our students to career success.

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Collaboration Opportunities

Alumni Participant

  • Investment Level: Lowest / minutes
  • Role: Let us know a little about you, so we can keep track of what our alumni are doing with their IB degrees.
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Alumni Stakeholder

  • Investment Level: Low / < 1 hour
  • Role: We will use the cumulative experiences of all of our Stakeholders to give students a big-picture view of what an IB degree can lead to (and how to get there). Experiencing this collective journey will be essential to developing and broadening their expectations and goals.
  • Example Activities

Alumni Mentor

  • Investment Level: Intermediate / 1-3 hours
  • Role: You will provide a more in-depth look at IB-related careers, and the journey each of you have taken since your time at UIUC. This will be a unique and inspiring opportunity for the students, to get a first-hand look at multiple career trajectories.
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Alumni Champion

  • Investment Level: High / about 4-6 hours over a semester
  • Role: You will provide an immersive experience into your journey and your career so students can envision themselves in those roles. You will also provide a personal connection to the "real world" that they might not get anywhere else, motivating them to learn more about themselves and their goals.
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Alumni Advisory Board

  • Investment Level: Highest / as much time as you want!
  • Role: Help direct programming, enrichment opportunities, workshops, and other activities that advance the program goals
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Phone (217) 300-9002
Address 2002D Natural History Building
1301 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

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