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Integrative Biology 299 Syllabi

Undergraduate Special Courses

IB 299: Approved for letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in the same term; may be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours.

Current IB 299 sections

Ecology Merit Workshop (for IB 203 students) - IB 299 Section A
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Ecology Merit Workshop (for IB 204 students) - IB 299 Section B
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Registration restricted to students in Merit Workshop for IB 203 and IB 204. In merit workshops you will develop your knowledge of ecology and scientific inquiry by actively engaging in group discussions, activities, and class presentations.

Previously offered IB 299 sections

Biology of Sex - IB 299 Section AL1
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This online course surveys the molecular and physiological process, function, ecology, behavior, and evolution of sexual (and asexual) reproduction of humans and other taxa and lineages. Prerequisite: IB 150 or consent of instructor.

Race and Food Security (Humanist Persp of Afro-Am Exp) - IB 299 Section B
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Achieving food security across the world calls for an understanding of the racial inequalities that impact the ways in which food is produced, consumed, processed and distributed. Yet current food security strategies largely ignore issues of race while focusing on the productivity of agricultural methods and environmental sustainability. In this course, students will critically analyze and explore the food security continuum—from the soil to the fork—through the humanistic frameworks derived from an Afro-centric world view of agri-food systems. Such a view of food security enlarges our understandings of food access issues and how Black communities are working to build socially just and sustainable food system for all. This course is designed for students interested in food and environmental systems, African American studies, community development and related fields. Meets with AFRO 224 and CWL 226. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. Prerequisite: AFRO 100 or consent of instructor. This course satisfies the General Education Criteria in Spring 2020 for: Cultural Studies - US Minority; Humanities – Lit & Arts.

Pandemics (worldwide outbreaks of infectious disease) - IB 299 Section BA
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Pandemics are among the most impactful events in human history. Through this 8-week online course, we will study the major historical and modern pandemics from a biological, social, and political perspective. We will compare these past events to the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 and use this knowledge to interpret events and scientific discoveries related to the current pandemic. The first 4 weeks of the course will be dedicated to exploring major pandemics in human history and the second 4 weeks will be dedicated to exploring modern pandemics, starting with the 1918 influenza and then focusing on the current challenges related to controlling COVID-19. Student participation in this 2-credit course will include one hour of recorded lecture per week and one hour of live discussion per week, along with assigned readings from historical perspectives and the science news, online quizzes, and two online exams.

Training in Team Science - IB 299 Section C
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The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) is partnering with the School of Integrative Biology to offer a course to enhance research skills, especially for multidisciplinary team science. Team science is unique in academic labs but common in industry. Students will build upon their IB390 or IB490 research experiences to create a foundation in genomics, scientific collaboration, research etiquette and scientific communication and will leave the course better prepared for research-related employment. Open only to students currently enrolled in IB390 or IB490 with a faculty member who has an appointment at the IGB. S/U graded. THIS COURSE WILL MEET IN 612 IGB.

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