School of
Integrative Biology

Undergraduate Courses

Please explore courses offered in IB, the registration process, and more ways to earn credit.

Information about all courses, including current class schedules and catalogs, may be found in the University of Illinois Course Explorer.

Apart from these courses IB has several special programs to help students be successful and reach their highest potential. Follow the links below for more detail on each.

Special Topic Courses in IB

These special topics courses provide students with in-depth instruction in varying aspects of integrative biology. Topics can change each semester, and special topics are denoted in the Course Explorer here under the IB 496 listing.

Merit Program for Emerging Scholars

Merit-style teaching consists of using a highly trained facilitator-instructor to stimulate student-student interactions by providing challenging problem sets or other activities for the students.

Research Courses in IB

For students interested in getting started in undergraduate research.