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Integrative Biology

IB 486: Pesticide Toxicology (not offered in near future)

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Description: Examines the biological effects of major classes of insecticides and herbicides, and of selected individual fungicides, including: toxicity to nontarget organisms, persistence and fate in the environment, biotransformation, and ecological consequences. Current regulations on pesticide testing will also be presented. The mechanism of action on target species will be discussed only in relation to effects on nontarget organisms.
Same as CB 434 and ENVS 433. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Offered in alternate years. Prerequisite: One year of college chemistry and one year of college biology; or consent of instructor.
Hours:3 to 4
Cross List: ENVS 433, VB 434
IB Area(s):A2
Course Offered in Semester(s):
Additional Notes: Odd Years: Spring; Ugrad:3 hours; Grad: 4hrs
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