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Integrative Biology

IB 492: Career and Skill Development in IB

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Description: A successful career in the sciences requires tools and skills for communicating research, such as how to master the scientific literature and how to write scientifically as informed scientists to broad audiences. This course helps to build these skills while also developing professional skills to better compete for positions in professional school, jobs in industry, non-profit, or government. Students will also explore career options available with an IB degree. This course is designed to teach students these skills with targeted in and out of class exercises. This course can count toward graduate credit with a required online project component.
Hours: 2
IB Area(s):AA
Course Offered in Semester(s): Spring
Additional Notes: Prerequisite: IB 203 or IB 271; or consent of instructor. Restricted to Junior and Senior IB majors only; or graduate students within IB.
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