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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated October 2021: The Integrative Biology Advising Office is experiencing an increased volume of daily emails, so it may take up to 2-3 business days to receive a reply. Meanwhile, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, below.

To schedule an advising appointment with an Integrative Biology academic advisor, please visit our appointment booking page to get help in-person or over Zoom.

Registration Preparation

What is a Time-Ticket?

Your Time-Ticket is the day and time your registration window will open for the Spring 2022 term. The Office of the Register will send this email around Monday, October 18.

How do I check my Time-Ticket?

Plan for registration by checking the Registrar's Time Tickets page.

Before your Time-Ticket Opens

How do I know which courses I need to take?

Run your Degree Audit (DARS).

I ran my DARS. What am I looking at? I’m Confused.

Compare results to these pages:

How do I use the Schedule Generator?

Watch the Schedule Generator video on the Registrar's website.

When should I schedule an appointment about Spring 2022 registration?

Ideally, your appointment is about 1 week before the start of your registration.

During Registration

I am trying to register for a course (e.g., IB, MCB, CHEM, etc.) and it is not working. What should I do?

First, read the error message to figure out why you cannot register. To better understand what the error message means and next steps, refer to the Common Registration Errors page, Common Registration Errors page, courtesy of the Department of Statistics. Second, refer to the “Section Info” and/or “Restrictions” on Course Explorer. For example, certain classes will open for non-majors to register for certain sections starting at a delayed date and time.

One of the classes I wanted to register for is closed. Can an advisor get me into the class?

No, the academic advisors cannot grant a course override. You can either contact the instructor or the department that is offering the course and ask if you can register for the class or see if there is a waitlist, look at the Information & Opportunities Newsletter email for that information, you can look at archived newsletters as well.

How do I declare a minor, second major, or request a course overload or underload, etc.?

You can find most student forms and requests on the College of LAS Forms webpage.