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SIB Director Carla Cáceres honored with Executive Officer Distinguished Leadership Award

Carla Cáceres, a professor of evolution, ecology and behavior and director of the School of Integrative Biology, ...received the Executive Officer Distinguished Leadership Award, which recognizes outstanding academic leadership and vision by an executive officer within a college or campus unit.

Four University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty members were honored with the Campus Awards for Excellence in Faculty Leadership. The Office of the Provost sponsors the campus-level awards in recognition of faculty members who distinguish themselves in their vision of the future and their efforts to enable and promote others in shaping that future. Each of the four awardees will receive an honorarium and a personalized commemorative plaque.

Cáceres shows an outstanding commitment to research and teaching excellence by overseeing projects that strengthen the relationships between students, faculty members and instructional staff. Her commitment to student success provides transformative educational experiences, as she advocates for improved learning spaces and opportunities for student-centered programming. Utilizing active-learning techniques, Cáceres continually works to evaluate curriculum, and she recently revamped IB 150, a key course for students majoring in integrative biology.

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Publication Date: 06/19/2020
Photo credits: L. Brian Stauffer, UI News Bureau
Editor: Katie Watson