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Entomology Directory

portrait of Ahmed, Amy Ahmed, Amy
449 Morrill Hall

Research Specialist - Entomology & IGB
Molecular basis of honey bee social behavior
portrait of Allan, Brian Allan, Brian
337 Morrill Hall

Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Professor - Entomology
Affiliate - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Ecology of infectious diseases
portrait of Alleyne, Marianne Alleyne, Marianne
518B Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor - Entomology
Graduate Director of Online Master of Science Teaching Biology Program - School of Integrative Biology
Bioinspired Design
portrait of Anderson, Nicholas Anderson, Nicholas

Postdoctoral Researcher - Entomology
Insect community responses to conservation and restoration and native bee ecology
portrait of Arceneaux, Miles Arceneaux, Miles

Graduate Student - Entomology
Ecological and behavioral plant-insect interactions of pest species and how to combat against the damage they cause

Advisor: Esther Ngumbi
portrait of Barley, Tristan Barley, Tristan

Graduate Student - Entomology
Behavioral effects of competition between native bees and honeybees

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Basnet, Vinisha Basnet, Vinisha

Graduate Student - Entomology

Advisor: Daniel Schneider
portrait of Beach, Nathan Beach, Nathan

Research Specialist & Manager - Honey Bee Research Facility

portrait of Bello, Lizzie Bello, Lizzie

Graduate Student - Entomology
Bioinspired design and materials

Advisor: Marianne Alleyne
portrait of Berenbaum, May Berenbaum, May
216A Morrill Hall / 318B Morrill Hall
217-333-2910 / 217-333-7784

Professor & Head - Entomology
Professor - Plant Biology
Swanlund Chair
Interactions between insects and plants, including herbivores and pollinators, and their implications in the organization of natural communities and agroecosystems
portrait of Berlocher, Stewart Berlocher, Stewart
304A Morrill Hall

Professor Emeritus - Entomology
Systematics, speciation, insect-plant coevolution
portrait of Beshers, Samuel Beshers, Samuel
318B Morrill Hall
(217) 333-4971

Retired--Neuroscience Program Coordinator
and Entomology Affiliate
Organization and behavior of ant colonies
portrait of Bried, Jason Bried, Jason
Forbes Natural History Bldg., 1816 S. Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Assistant Research Scientist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Insect conservation, dragonflies & damselflies, wetland ecology and assessment, applied plant ecology, community ecology (metacommunities, coexistence)
portrait of Brown, Morgan Brown, Morgan

Graduate Student - Entomology
Leafhopper biodiversity and conservation

Advisor: Christopher Dietrich
portrait of Bush, Daniel Bush, Daniel

Graduate Student - Entomology
Navel orangeworm's relationship with Aspergillus mold

Advisor: May Berenbaum
portrait of Cáceres, Carla Cáceres, Carla
433 Morrill Hall

Director - School of Integrative Biology
Professor - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Affiliate - Entomology
Population, community and evolutionary ecology; life-history evolution; disease ecology; limnology
portrait of Cameron, Sydney Cameron, Sydney
215B Morrill Hall

Professor Emerita - Entomology
Application of phylogenetics, behavior and development to address questions concerning the evolution of social behavior in bees; conservation status and causal factors in declining pollinators; evolution of color pattern mimicry in bees
portrait of Carroll, Xavier Carroll, Xavier

Graduate Student - Entomology
The relationships between insects and ambient factors of their physical environment

Advisor: Marianne Alleyne
portrait of Chiavini, Benjamin Chiavini, Benjamin

Graduate Student - Entomology
Study of small hive beetles in their life cycle, physiology, and behaviors in relation to honey bees and viruses/diseases

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Clodfelter, E. Clodfelter, E.

Graduate Student - Entomology
Relationships of lice to their hosts and endosymbionts

Advisor: Kevin Johnson
portrait of Coburn, Kat Coburn, Kat

Graduate Student - Entomology
Biology education research: Science identity development, comparative analysis of supportive instructional materials that differ in accessibility and cultural relevance

Advisor: Thomas McElrath
portrait of Dady, Erinn Dady, Erinn

Graduate Student - Entomology
Using chemical ecology to examine the effects of combinatorial stress on plant-insect interactions, to address insect-related food insecurity

Advisor: Esther Ngumbi
portrait of Dana, Catherine Dana, Catherine

Graduate Student - Entomology
Cicada conservation and natural history

Advisor: Sam Heads
portrait of Davis, Mark Davis, Mark
1816 S. Oak St. Champaign, IL 61820

Conservation Biologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior; Entomology
Phylogenetics, conservation genetics, population genetics, genomics, environmental DNA
portrait of Deem, Lesley Deem, Lesley
457 Morrill Hall

Pollinatarium Coordinator
Plant Insect Interactions
portrait of Delcomyn, Fred Delcomyn, Fred
357 Morrill Hall

Professor Emeritus - Entomology
Director Emeritus - School of Integrative Biology
Physiological basis of insect behavior
portrait of DeWalt, Ed DeWalt, Ed
2025 (ofc) / 2000 (lab) Robert A. Evers Laboratory

Aquatic Entomologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Taxonomy, ecology, and conservation of aquatic insects
portrait of Dietrich, Christopher Dietrich, Christopher
282 Natural Resources Building

Curator of Insects - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Systematics, morphology, and evolutionary biology of leafhoppers and treehoppers; biodiversity and conservation of grassland ecosystems
portrait of Dolezal, Adam Dolezal, Adam G
349B Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor - Entomology
Affiliate - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
How do environmental stressors interact to affect bee health?
portrait of Evangelista, Dominic Evangelista, Dominic
490 Morrill Hall

Assistant Professor - Entomology (beginning Spring 2023)
The Roach Brain Lab for studying biodiversity through molecular systematics
portrait of Fauziyah, Siti Fauziyah, Siti

Graduate Student - Entomology
Biomechanics of insect wings

Advisor: Marianne Alleyne
portrait of Francis, Bettina Francis, Bettina
679 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor Emerita - Entomology
Environmental and developmental toxicology
portrait of Fulton, Todd Fulton, Todd


portrait of Gray, Michael Gray, Michael
N-305 Turner Hall

Professor Emeritus - Crop Sciences
Affiliate - Entomology
Integrated pest management
portrait of Grommes-Yeager, Anna Grommes-Yeager, Anna

Graduate Student - Entomology
Chemical ecology of beetles in the families Cerambycidae and Elateridae
portrait of Hanks, Lawrence Hanks, Lawrence

Professor - Entomology
Chemical ecology and conservation biological control
portrait of Harmon-Threatt, Alex Harmon-Threatt, Alex
255 Morrill Hall

Associate Professor - Entomology
Pollination Ecology, Conservation, and Restoration
portrait of Heads, Sam Heads, Sam
Paleontology, Forbes Natural History Bldg., 1816 S. Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Director, Center for Paleontology - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology, Geology

portrait of Hearon, Luke Hearon, Luke

Graduate Student - Entomology
Predator-prey dynamics in mosquito communities

Advisor: Carla Cáceres
portrait of Hogan, Phillip Hogan, Phillip

Graduate Student - Entomology
Identification of distribution patterns for both the historic and contemporaneous Midwest stonefly fauna using distributional modeling techniques

Advisor: Ed DeWalt
portrait of Hsieh, Edward Hsieh, Edward

Graduate Student - Entomology
The properties of phytochemicals in honeybee honey and general honeybee behavior

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Kevin
284 Natural Resources Building, 607 E. Peabody Dr., Champaign, IL 61820

Principal Ornithologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior; Entomology
Molecular systematics, host-parasite co-evolution, comparative approaches to studying the evolution of behavior in birds, co-speciation between birds and parasitic lice, population genetics of island biogeography
portrait of Larson, Eric Larson, Eric
W-421 Turner Hall

Assistant Professor - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Affiliate - Entomology
portrait of Leigh, Kim Leigh, Kim
320 Morrill Hall

Administrative Aide - Entomology & OMST

portrait of Liao, Ling-Hsiu Liao, Ling-Hsiu
518 Morrill Hall

Research Specialist - Entomology
Honeybees toxicology (advisor: May Berenbaum)
portrait of McElrath, Thomas McElrath, Thomas
291 Natural Resource Building

Insect Collection Manager - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology

portrait of Mleziva, Aaron Mleziva, Aaron

Graduate Student - Entomology
Plant-insect chemical interaction

Advisor: Esther Ngumbi
portrait of Molano-Flores, Brenda Molano-Flores, Brenda
2012 Natural Resource Building

Senior Plant Ecologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology; Plant Biology
plant-insect interactions, reproductive biology of plants, population biology, conservation biology; restoration
portrait of Mongold-Diers, Judith Mongold-Diers, Judith
420 Morrill Hall

Academic hourly - Entomology

portrait of Mowery, Samantha Mowery, Samantha

Graduate Student - Entomology
Phytochemicals associated with floral resources and bee products, the bee bread mycobiome, the gut microbiome of honey and bumble bees, and disease ecology

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Murphree, Maggie Murphree, Maggie

Graduate Student - Entomology
Emergent behavior, division of labor, and social networks of honey bee colonies

Advisor: Gene Robinson
portrait of Nardi, James Nardi, James B.
315 Morrill Hall

Research Scientist - Entomology
Development of insect stem cells
portrait of Ngumbi, Esther Ngumbi, Esther

Assistant Professor - Entomology;
African American Studies
Broadly interested in understanding the multifaceted uses of chemical signals (both volatile and non-volatile) by herbivores, natural enemies, plants and their associated microorganisms and insects. Moreover, my research on beneficial soil microbes seeks to find microbial-based solutions for improving crop production, alleviating drought stress in crop plants and sustainable pest management. We use a comparative approach with model tritrophic systems and employ several chemical ecology tools.
portrait of Noel, Kylee Noel, Kylee

Graduate Student - Entomology
Genetic and physiological effects of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes; scientific outreach to the community to encourage citizen science

Advisor: Chris Stone
portrait of Payne, Alex Payne, Alex

Postdoctoral Researcher - IGB & Entomology

portrait of Prayugo, Vincent Prayugo, Vincent

Graduate Student - Entomology
Toxicology of honey bees

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Ratcliffe, Susan Ratcliffe, Susan

Retired - Crop Sciences
Affiliate - Entomology
Integrated pest management
portrait of Riecks-Soucek, David Riecks-Soucek, David
107 NRS Annx.

Ecotoxicologist, Entomologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Aquatic ecotoxicology
portrait of Roberts, Ginny Roberts, Ginny
255 Morrill Hall

Research Technician

portrait of Robertson, Hugh Robertson, Hugh
417 Morrill Hall

Professor Emeritus - Entomology
The molecular basis for insect olfaction and taste; insect and arthropod genomics
portrait of Robinson, Gene Robinson, Gene
1608 IGB / 449 Morrill Hall

Director - Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Swanlund Chair
Professor - Entomology
Insect social behavior and genomics
portrait of Robinson, Jason Robinson, Jason
105 Natural Resources Studies Annex

Associate Scientist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology

portrait of Schneider, Daniel Schneider, Daniel
111 Temple Buell Hall

Professor - Urban and Regional Planning
Affiliate - Entomology
Aquatic invertebrate ecology; ecology of invasive species; environmental history
portrait of Schuler, Mary Schuler, Mary
162 ERML

Professor - Plant Biology; Biochemistry; Cell and Developmental Biology
Affiliate - Entomology
Pre-mRNA processing, P450 monooxygenases and their role in plant-insect interactions
portrait of Sinha, Saurabh Sinha, Saurabh
2122 Siebel Center

Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar - Computer Science
Affiliate - Entomology

portrait of Spencer, Joseph Spencer, Joseph
2089 Forbes Natural History Building
(217) 244-6851

Principal Insect Behaviorist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Mechanisms of behavior in crop insect pests
portrait of Spina, Joseph Spina, Joseph

Graduate Student - Entomology
Arbovirus ecology and vector competence

Advisor: Chris Stone
portrait of St. Clair, Ashley St. Clair, Ashley

Postdoc Research Associate

portrait of Stone, Chris Stone, Chris
Forbes Natural History Building

Medical Entomologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
The impact of environmental change on mosquito-borne pathogen transmission and control; mosquito behavioral ecology and physiology; mathematical modelling of vector demography, population dynamics and pathogen transmission; integrated vector management
portrait of Suarez, Andrew Suarez, Andrew V.
515 Morrill Hall
(217) 244-6631

Professor and Head - Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Professor - Entomology
Ant ecology and behavior; biological invasions
portrait of Suresh, Sreelakshmi Suresh, Sreelakshmi

Graduate Student - Entomology
Foraging behavior of honey bees in agricultural systems

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Swanson, Daniel Swanson, Daniel

Graduate Student - Entomology
Systematics of assassin bugs

Advisor: Sam Heads
portrait of Tamarri, Jacob Tamarri, Jacob

Graduate Student - Entomology
Paleoenvironments and the roles plants and insects play in them; primarily comparing ancient insects to contemporary ones, with a focus on hymenopterans

Advisor: Sam Heads
portrait of Taylor, Lincoln Taylor, Lincoln

Graduate Student - Entomology
Interactions between honey bees and their pathogens, in particular honey bee behavior

Advisor: Adam G Dolezal
portrait of Tetlie, Jonathan Tetlie, Jonathan

Graduate Student - Entomology
The lingering impact of agricultural practices on habitat restoration efforts of prairies and their effect on native bee communities

Advisor: Alex Harmon-Threatt
portrait of Thomas, M. Jared Thomas, M. Jared

Graduate Student - Entomology
Paleoentomology with emphasis on Tetrigidae (pygmy grasshoppers)

Advisor: Sam Heads
portrait of Tuten, Holly Tuten, Holly
Forbes Natural History Building

Vector Ecologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Molecular analyses of Illinois mosquito and tick pathogens, microbiomes, and population genetics
portrait of Udayakumar, Anupama Udayakumar, Anupama

Graduate Student - Entomology
Identifying and analyzing different elaterid beetles and cerambycids species, specifically those within the Lamiinae and Lepturges families

Advisor: Lawrence Hanks
portrait of Voegtlin, David Voegtlin, David


Retired - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology
Biology and taxonomy of aphids, retired
portrait of Wargin, Annaliese Wargin, Annaliese

Graduate Student - Entomology
The ecology of native pollinators in restored landscapes; insect behavioral responses to abiotic change

Advisor: Alex Harmon-Threatt
portrait of Warnow, Tandy Warnow, Tandy
3235 Seibel Center for Computer Sciences

Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering
Founder Professor and Associate Head - Computer Science
Affiliate - Entomology; Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior; Plant Biology
Phylogenomics, multiple sequence alignment, and metagenomics
portrait of Whitfield, James Whitfield, James
215 Morrill Hall

Professor Emeritus - Entomology
Ecology and phylogeny of parasitoid wasps
portrait of Williams, Cariad Williams, Cariad

Graduate Student - Entomology
Wide range of research interests within palaeontology including biomechanics of vertebrates, exceptional preservation of arthropods and taphonomic processes within the fossil record

Advisor: Sam Heads
portrait of Wilson, Sara Wilson, Sara

Graduate Student - Entomology
Mosquito feeding behavior and control

Advisor: Chris Stone
portrait of Wu, Wen-Yen Wu, Wen-Yen

Graduate Student - Entomology
Chemical ecology of insects

Advisor: May Berenbaum