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Useful Forms & Links

Forms Description
Employee Travel Reimbursement Form

Reimbursment for travel expenses

Miscellaneous Reimbursement Form

Reimbursment for supplies purchased and meals

Hourly timesheets / Payroll schedule Timesheets and bi-weekly payroll periods for hourly workers
Carpool Request Form Request for a carpool reservation
Graduate Student Request Form (Petition) Request for an exception to Graduate College Policies or Graduate College Academic deadlines, including time extension, overload, and withdrawal/cancellation from University (go to Graduate Student Petition Process for more information)
Late Registration & Late Course Change Form Use after the last day that a student is allowed to drop/add a semester course using UI Integrate Self-Service
Alumnus Information Form Request to update alumnus information
NT Learning Objectives Form for Committee Meetings - Students: Fill out the Current Progress for each learning outcome; then send to committee before meeting.

- Committee: Based on student's Current Progress toward each learning outcome, assign a Progress Level and add any recommendations for development (if applicable).
Links Description
Steps for Prelim Exam

Steps to take before and after your Prelim Exam

Steps for Master's Defense

Steps to take before and after defending your Master's thesis

Steps for Final Exam Steps to take before and after defending your Doctoral dissertation
Dissertation/Thesis Release Options Release options available to graduate students as you publish your dissertation/thesis in the University's repository, IDEALS
GC Degree Completion Checklist Grad College's checklist of items to help you prepare for graduation and learn about the university-wide Commencement Ceremony
SIB's Convocation Ceremony Information about SIB's Convocation Ceremony for seniors, master's and doctoral students of SIB