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Integrative Biology

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Departmental Graduate Programs

mating beetles for Entomology Grad Program


A traditional grounding in the key elements of entomology such as insect taxonomy, physiology, genomics, pest management, and ecology is complemented and expanded by a tightly knit community containing expertise in neurobiology, ethology, evolutionary biology, sociobiology, molecular biology, toxicology, biological control and many other diverse areas of interest.

mouse portrait for EEB Grad Program

Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior

Our program is flexible and tailored to suit individual student interest. Through course work, research and seminars, students are expected to become proficient in three of six areas: (1) Ecology, (2) Evolution (3) Behavior (4) Genetics (5) Physiology and (6) Conservation.

branch with green leaves for Plant Bio Grad Program

Plant Biology

Our graduate training program offers a diverse yet individually tailored and focused opportunity for students to develop expert-level skills in current research methodologies, critical thinking and ancillary professional attributes essential to a successful and satisfying career in plant research at the molecular, physiological and/or ecological levels.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Natural History Building for MS in IB

Master of Science in IB

Course-based, Master of Science in Integrative Biology degree program without a thesis requirement.

shore bird on log for PEEC Grad Program

Program in Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology (PEEC)

Advanced and comprehensive training in ecology, evolutionary biology, and the conservation of biodiversity.

word cloud about teaching biology

Online Master of Science in the Teaching of Biological Science

Online program designed for individuals who are already certified to teach biology in public schools, specifically middle school general science teachers and high-school biology teachers.

brain profile for Neuroscience Grad Program


Studying how the nervous system works, from molecules to brain.

Graduate Certificates

whiteboard graph for CS & Engineering Cert

Computational Science and Engineering Certificate

The CSE Certificate option is available to students currently enrolled in graduate programs in the School of Integrative Biology.