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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate students must apply through the The Graduate College, indicating the department or program for which they are applying. The application process may be started by following the "Apply Now" button on the Graduate College Apply web page. Information about and links to the SIB departments and programs may be found on our department web pages. and in menus to the left.

Questions below were asked by graduate students in all programs. For more specific information about the program you are interested in, go to the web page describing that department or program.

How do I apply to a graduate program at the University of Illinois?

To begin, go to the web page for the Graduate College at the University of Illinois and click on the "Apply" link (under Prospective Students), or click here. The Graduate College web pages give you a great deal of useful information and complete instructions for applying. You will need to know the name of the graduate program to which you wish to apply and its program code (see question 3, below, for program codes). In addition, if you are from outside the USA, you should be aware that international students may be required to supply credentials in addition to those required of domestic students.

When should I apply?

In general, apply in the fall of one year for admission starting for the fall of the next year. Most programs have admission deadlines around or just after the first of the year. In addition, most programs will accept students starting only in the fall, though there are exceptions. Check with the particular program you are interested in.

What program code should I use when I apply?

The program code on your application identifies the specific program to which you are applying.

Use these program codes for doctoral programs: Use these program codes for master's programs:

When can I expect to hear whether I have been admitted?

You will most likely hear about the status of your application within 2-3 months of the application deadline.

Is a score for the general Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required for admission?

Please see the individual program for GRE details.

Is a score for the advanced biology section of the GRE required for admission?

No. None of our programs require you to take the advanced GRE examination.

What kind of financial support, if any, is available for my graduate study?

For Ph.D. programs, financial support in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or tuition and fee (T&F) waivers are available. The first three usually include a T&F waiver as part of the package. Some masters programs offer support, but some do not. Check your particular program.