Welcome to the Malhi Lab

Founded in 2006, the lab conducts a variety of genetic research. Projects are headed by Dr Ripan Malhi, based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Who we are

The Malhi Molecular Anthropology Laboratory generates DNA variation data from different genetic systems (i.e. mitochondrial genome, Y chromosome, autosomal) to infer evolutionary history of populations and species. Currently, research in the lab is split into two research areas, the evolutionary history of Native Americans and evolutionary genetics of non-human primates.


What we do

Molecular Anthropology

Ancient DNA Analysis

Evolutionary Genomics

Forensic Science

Population Genetics


Join Us

Dr. Malhi is currently accepting graduate students through the:


Department of Anthropology

Department of Animal Biology

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Biology

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