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Founded in 2006, the lab conducts a variety of genetic research. Projects are headed by Dr Ripan Malhi, based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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14 Nov 2016

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08 Feb 2014

GEEB Symposium 2014

At the Graduates in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's 16th annual student symposium, Kelsey Witt was awarded Best Presentation by a Pre-Prelims/Masters Student by the student judges for her talk, "Ancient DNA Analysis of Dogs from Southern Illinois". Amanda Owing's presentation, "Inference of population history from the analysis of ancient DNA from an ancient population and their descenants in British Columbia", was also well-received.

14 Nov 2013

Genomics for Judges

Malhi lab members participated in Genomics for Judges at the Institute for Genomic Biology. Dr. Malhi presented lectures on the topics of forensic investigation and DNA analyses. Malhi lab members also taught the visiting judges how to extract DNA. For more information see: http://www.igb.illinois.edu/news/genomics-judges-educating-illinois-judges-dna-and-genetics.  

04 Nov 2013

Danville Science Night

Malhi lab members Mary Rogers, Kelsey Witt, and Amanda Owings exhibited Malhi Lab reserach topics at Danville, IL gradeschool science night! The Malhi Lab exhibition included "What is a gene?", "PTC Tasting: What Type of Taster are you?", and "Human Population Migrations". For more information see: http://www.istem.illinois.edu/news/science.night.html. 

18 Oct 2013

ATAM Mini-Grant

The Malhi Lab congratulates Kelsey Witt as the recipient of a $500 grant from the Illinois State Archaeological Survey's program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials!

16 Jul 2012

The SING Workshop was successfully completed on July 16.  We are now working to set up the next workshop to be held in the Summer of 2013.

01 Aug 2011

The Malhi Lab congratulates Milena Shattuck, Ph.D. for the successful defense of her doctoral dissertation
Milena succesfully defended her dissertation on June 30 and submitted her dissertation on July 15.  The title of her dissertation is "The molecular evolution of the serotonin system in macaques (Macaca): A detailed survey of four serotonin-related genes".  Milena begins her new position at Duke University in August 2011.

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