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SIB's Commitment to
Diversity and Equity

Dear SIB Community,

At the end of May, 2020, Chancellor Jones sent out an email with a powerful message of unity for this campus - we must come together and care for one another. He reminds us that the University of Illinois is a "community committed to the scholarship, engagement, equity, inclusion and leadership that dismantles systems that utilize power, privilege and violence to disenfranchise, diminish and destroy."

In the days that followed, President Killeen sent an email to the entire University system condemning the killing of George Floyd, expressing our shared outrage, and acknowledging the emotional and physical toll systemic racism places on the African-American community.

We want to reaffirm these values to our SIB community, and explicitly express our intolerance of racism and injustice in any form. In President Killeen’s words, we will "work to spread the University of Illinois System’s bedrock commitment to inclusion, understanding and justice. Anything less from each and every one of us will undermine the future we all dream of creating".

Carla Cáceres, Director SIB
May Berenbaum, Head Entomology
Andrew Leakey, Head Plant Biology
Andrew Suarez, Head Evolution, Ecology and Behavior

Learn more at: SIB's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page

Publication Date: 06/01/2020