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portrait of Acosta, Teresa Acosta, Teresa
506 Morrill Hall

Account Technician

portrait of Ahmed, Amy Ahmed, Amy
449 Morrill Hall

Research Specialist
Molecular basis of honey bee social behavior
portrait of Arias, Lily Arias, Lily
3010 Natural History Building
(217) 300-7128

Lecturer - School of Integrative Biology

portrait of Baker, Scott Baker, Scott
59 Burrill Hall
(217) 333-0609

Instrument Maker

portrait of Barnabe, Liz Barnabe, Liz
320 Morrill Hall

Office Manager - EEB & PEEC

portrait of Barnhart, Jennifer Barnhart, Jennifer
286 Morrill Hall
(217) 333-3261

Office Administrator - Plant Biology

portrait of Baxley, Staci Baxley, Staci
286 Morrill Hall

Office Administrator - SIB

portrait of Bear, Jared Bear, Jared
59 Burrill Hall
(217) 333-0609

Laboratory Mechanic

portrait of Black, Deborah Black, Deborah
1220 Plant Sci Lab

Greenhouse Manager

portrait of Broga, Penny Broga, Penny
506 Morrill Hall

Associate Director for Business Affairs

portrait of Bukhari, Syed Abbas Bukhari, Syed Abbas

Postdoc Research Associate - EEB

portrait of Calla, Bernarda Calla, Bernarda
216C Morrill Hall

Postdoc Research Associate - Entomology

portrait of Christian, Natalie Christian, Natalie


portrait of D'Andrea Rocha, Rafael D'Andrea Rocha, Rafael

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Plant Biology

portrait of Debevec, Andrew Debevec, Andrew H
333 Morrill Hall

IT Specialist

portrait of Deem, Lesley Deem, Lesley
457 Morrill Hall

Pollinatarium Coordinator
Plant Insect Interactions
portrait of Enos, Janice Enos, Janice K.

Postdoc Research Associate

portrait of Ferrer, Astrid Ferrer, Astrid

Senior Research Scientist - Plant Biology

portrait of Fink, Jessica Fink, Jessica
2002B Natural History Building

Undergraduate Academic Advisor - SIB

portrait of Fredericks, Page Fredericks, Page
339 Morrill Hall

Research Specialist - Entomology
Land use effects on pathogens in ticks
portrait of Fulton, Todd Fulton, Todd


portrait of Gabay-Laughnan, Susan Gabay-Laughnan, Susan
265 Morrill Hall

Retired--Senior Research Scientist
Mitochondrial DNA mutations in maize and the effect of nuclear genes upon these mutations; mitochondrial S-type cytoplasmic male sterility and its nuclear restorer-of-fertility alleles; cytoplasmic reversion of CMS-S to fertility.
portrait of Gerard, Don Gerard, Don
506 Morrill Hall

Facilities Manager

portrait of Grennan, Aleel Grennan, Aleel
1407 IGB

Senior Research Specialist - Plant Biology

portrait of Haas, Jeffrey Haas, Jeffrey
332 Morrill Hall
(217) 333-7525

Director, Information Technology

portrait of Harwood, Gyan Harwood, Gyan

Postdoc Research Associate - Entomology

portrait of Helton, Toni Helton, Toni
286 Morrill Hall

Associate Director of Personnel and Administration

portrait of Katterhenry, Jessi Katterhenry, Jessi
506 Morrill Hall

Assistant Director for Business and Financial Operations

portrait of Katz-Downie, Deborah Katz-Downie, Deborah


Visiting Scientist - Plant Biology

portrait of Keane, Rose Keane, Rose
515 Morrill Hall

Communications Coordinator

portrait of Kroha, Kyle Kroha, Kyle Jane
64 Burrill Hall
(217) 244-3479

Equipment Specialist, Electronics Shop

portrait of Leigh, Kim Leigh, Kim
320 Morrill Hall

Administrative Aide - Entomology & OMST

portrait of Lenz, Jana Lenz, Jana
286 Morrill Hall
(217) 244-1654

Human Resource Associate

portrait of Liao, Ling-Hsiu Liao, Ling-Hsiu

Postdoc Research Associate - Entomology
Honeybees toxicology (advisor: May Berenbaum)
portrait of Mackert, Morgan Mackert, Morgan

Research Specialist - Entomology

portrait of Martin Blazquez, Ruben Martin Blazquez, Ruben

Postdoc Research Associate - Entomology

portrait of Masters, Michael Masters, Michael
1400 IGB

Field Research Specialist - Plant Biology

portrait of McGrath, Jesse McGrath, Jesse
1402 IGB

SoyFACE Research Coordinator

portrait of Menel, Ilona Menel, Ilona
449 Morrill Hall

Research Specialist - EEB

portrait of Mongold-Diers, Judith Mongold-Diers, Judith
420 Morrill Hall

Academic hourly - Entomology

portrait of Montes, Christopher Montes, Christopher M

Postdoctoral Researcher
Examining Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.] and Maize (Zea mays L.) physiological responses to elevated ozone concentrations and genetically mapping ozone response
portrait of Morphew, Nick Morphew, Nick
3012 Natural History Building

Laboratory Coordinator

portrait of Musser, Allison Musser, Allison
2002A Natural History Building

Undergraduate Academic Advisor - SIB

portrait of Nardi, James Nardi, James B.
315 Morrill Hall

Research Scientist - Entomology
Development of insect stem cells
portrait of Pollock, Henry Pollock, Henry

Postdoc Research Associate

portrait of Rawley, Neil Rawley, Neil

(217) 714-9705


portrait of Schlipf, Karl Schlipf, Karl
333 Morrill Hall
(217) 333-7525

Research Programmer

portrait of St. Clair, Ashley St. Clair, Ashley

Postdoc Research Associate

portrait of Swanson, Christina Swanson, Christina
2002D Natural History Building

SIB Coordinator for the Alumni Mentor Program

portrait of Treakle, Norma Treakle, Norma
506 Morrill Hall

Account Technician

portrait of Uebele, Thomas Uebele, Thomas
333 Morrill Hall
(217) 333-7525

Senior Research Programmer

portrait of Westrick, Sarah Westrick, Sarah

Postdoc Research Associate

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