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For fruit flies hooked on meth, sugar wards off death

Flies on meth burn through sugar

Fruit Flies On Meth

Fruit Flies On Meth: New Study Indicates Drug Has 'Perfect Storm' Effect On Body

Fruit Flies on Meth: Study Explores Whole-Body Effects of Toxic Drug

Fruit flies on meth show whole-body effects

Methamphetamine: Meth is 'a perfect storm toxin,' researcher says

Meth a 'perfect storm toxin,' researcher says

Meth is a 'perfect storm toxin,' researcher says

Methamphetamine: Devastating Molecular Events

Sugar Decreases the Havoc That Meth Wreaks on Fruit Flies

Let’s Get Cellular: Meth Metabolism – Speedy Fruit Flies Metabolize Glucose Differently

What Happens When Fruit Flies Take Meth?

Crystal Meth Study Reveals It Creates 'Perfect Storm Of Toxins' In Our Body

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