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Exchange Programs

Chung Hwa Medical Technology University in Taiwan

We have an ongoing exchange program with the Department of Biological Science and Technology, Institute of Biomedical Science, Chung Hwa Medical Technology University in Taiwan. This program has been in existence for the past five years and we look forward to many more years of this exchange program with our colleagues at Chung Hwa Medical Technology University.

West African Institutions

To date we have had two formal exchanges with our collaborators in west Africa. First, a doctoral student in our laboratory performed a research leave to perform field work in northern Nigeria (in collaboration with our colleagues at Ahmadu Bello University/ Institute for Agricultural Research, Zaria, Nigeria) and in Niger ( in collaboration with our colleagues at INRAN, Maradi, Niger). Our second exchange program was a USAID/Dry Grains Pulses CRSP funded project for a collaborator from INERA (Burkina Faso) to come to our laboratory for six months on a research leave (2009). We look forward to future exchanges with our west African colleagues.