School of
Integrative Biology

Student Profile

Joseph Kadich

Joseph Kadich

Year in School: Junior

Career Plan:

With my degree in IB, I would like to do research with animals in the future.

Why you chose IB:

I chose IB because I liked how it covers so many diverse subjects from genetics to the environment. I felt it would really help me become well-rounded and fluent in all areas of biology.

Favorite IB class and why:

IB 202 - Anatomy and Physiology. I absolutely love to learn about how animals work and all their body structures. It's really interesting to see how the form of a structure is always related to providing the most efficient means of function in animal bodies.

Favorite extra curricular activities (undergraduate research, clubs, etc) and why:

I like to play guitar and write my own songs. It helps me get a release from the stress that school can sometimes bring.

Secret Weapon for Success:

I study with friends, to make sure that I stay on task

Best Advice:

Get to know your teachers. Not only will it help you in their specific class but, if you know a teacher well, they might let you know about different opportunities for research or work before other students.