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Pre-Med in Integrative Biology

IB majors are highly competitive in gaining admission to professional schools, including medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy. After this additional schooling, jobs are numerous and bring a comfortable salary. While you can gain admission to a professional school via a wide variety of majors, many students choose to major in Integrative Biology because our courses prepare students well for the necessary admissions test (i.e. MCAT, DAT, GRE) and also provide a solid foundation for the demands of future schooling. Most pre-health requirements are either required for the IB major or can be used as advanced IB courses in the major. Therefore, very little course work outside the IB major is needed to fulfill the prerequisites for health programs.

As a pre-med student, IB allows me to explore all of biology. Many aspects of medicine are integrative and not constrained to the molecular or cellular level.
—Matt, IB graduate

The Pre-Med track in Integrative Biology can include courses in genetics, physiology, anatomy, microbiology, and cell biology. The courses listed here are the ones recommended for students interested in preparing for a career in the Health Professions.


Introductory Courses

  • IB 150 Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
  • MCB 150 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life

Core Courses

  • IB 202 Anatomy and Physiology
  • IB 203 Ecology
  • IB 204 Genetics
  • IB 302 Evolution

Suggested Advanced Courses

(1 in each of 2 areas; 14 hours minimum including at least 1 lab course*)

Area 1 Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

  • IB 360 Evolution and Human Health
  • IB 462 Mammalogy*

Area 2 Behavior, Ecology, and the Environment

  • IB 329 Animal Behavior
  • IB 361 Ecology and Human Health
  • IB 430 Animal Behavior Lab*
  • IB 432 Genes and Behavior
  • IB 481 Vector-borne Diseases*

Area 3 Integrative Anatomy, Physiology, and Molecular Biology

  • IB 303 Anatomy*
  • IB 364 Genomics and Human Health
  • IB 426 Environmental and Evolutionary Physiology of Animals
  • IB 434 Physical Principles in Biology*
  • IB 435 Critical Evaluation of Herbal Remedies

Additional Approved Advanced

  • MCB 300 Microbiology
  • MCB 450 Introductory Biochemistry

* Denotes course with laboratory or field component.