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What can you do with an IB degree?


Career Infographics

What can you do with your IB degree? Almost anything! Explore these infographics to learn what IB alumni are doing with their degrees - their actual job titles and where they work. This is just a small sample of all you can do with your degree, so happy hunting!


CAREERS IN...Handouts

Includes places to work, job titles, seach engines, and key words to get you started exploring each of these fields:
• Biotech & Bioinformatics
• Animal Biology
• Agriculture & Plant Biology
• Non-Traditional Healthcare
• Science Communication & Arts
• Environmental Science & Sustainability
• Formal & Informal Education
• Law and Policy


Exploring Ecological Careers Series

These short articles from the Ecological Society of America are a fantastic resource for what it actually looks like to work in IB-related fields, and how to begin a career. Don't dismiss any of these options before reading more...they may surprise you!

• Ecological careers in nature‐based non‐governmental organizations
• Science and nature filmmaking: making a career of visual storytelling
• Breaking into science writing
• Ecology careers in ecotourism
• Ecological careers at Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
• Careers in Cooperative Extension
• Museum careers – so much more than curating collections!
• Expect the unexpected: private‐sector careers
• Make a difference: ecology careers in federal agencies
• An ecologist’s guide to careers in science policy advising
• Careers in science diplomacy and international policy
• All of life's experiences count at a biological field station
• A career in environmental informatics and environmental data science
• Mixing ecological science into landscape architecture
• More than planting trees: Career opportunities in ecological restoration
• Ecology on-exhibit: careers in zoos and aquariums
• In the space between: public information officers in science
• Ecological consulting as a career option
• It’s dirty, but it’s not dirt: scientists in state policy
• Ecological consultants: serving on the front lines of species and ecosystem conservation
• Opportunities in science editing


Exploring Your Options

Job Shadow Outline and Prep
Career Fair Outline and Prep
Informational Interview Question Starter

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