School of
Integrative Biology

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Minor in Ecology & Conservation Biology

A minor in Ecology and Conservation Biology points students toward getting strength in this sub-discipline of biology. Preparation for many careers is advanced by coursework in ecology and conservation, e.g. environmental lawyer, environmental consultant, conservation technician, and environmental educator.

Interested students should see an IB advisor to complete the minor declaration form. Students can visit during our Express Advising Hours, or you can make an appointment online or by visiting our office in 2002 NHB.

Hours Course Requirements
4 IB 150 - Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
4 IB 203 - Ecology
3-4 IB 204 - Genetics
6-8 Select two courses from the following list*:
NRES/IB 348 - Fish and Wildlife Ecology
IB 362 - Marine Biology
IB 431 - Behavioral Ecology
CPSC 431/IB 440 - Plants and Global Change
IB 443 - Evolutionary Ecology
IB 444 - Insect Ecology
IB 451 - Conservation Biology
IB 452 - Ecosystem Ecology
IB 453 - Community Ecology
17-20 hours

*Please note: all prerequisite courses must be taken if specified, and students must complete 6 advanced hours of coursework that are distinct from advanced hours required for their major.