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Undergraduate Research

Research Courses in IB

IB 290: Introduction to Research in Integrative Biology (2 hours)

Many students want to get involved in an undergraduate research project, but simply don't know where to start! IB Faculty are offering a course to help students do just that. Students work in small groups in a research lab, where the faculty member teaches common skills for success in any research project. Students are also part of a weekly seminar including readings of primary research and presentations from other students. It's a great way to get some experience doing research!

IB 390: Undergraduate Research Experience (1 - 5 hours)

IB 390 is the basic introductory research course designed to give students exposure to a research laboratory. Students work under the supervision of faculty and graduate students to contribute to the lab's ongoing research projects. IB 390 is graded S/U.

IB 490: Independent Study (1 - 5 hours)

IB 490 is an independent project that a student undertakes to gain experience in designing and completing a research project. Students must have already gained basic research lab experience before beginning a 490 project. This course requires a report to be submitted during the last semester, which is graded. This report may be submitted for graduation with Distinction, but this is not required. IB 490 is for a traditional letter grade.

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