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Study Abroad for IB Students

The School of Integrative Biology strongly encourages students to participate in a study abroad program. Not only is it a wonderful experience, a time to explore a different country and culture, as well as a good addition to your college life, but you also earn Illinois credit through most programs.

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The IB Advising Office works closely with the Campus Study Abroad Office and LAS International Programs to develop programs in different countries and promote opportunities to our students. Please work with your advisor to decide the best semester to study abroad. Many students are free to choose whatever location or program appeals to them, whether the focus is related to a student's major, minor, or other interests.

If you are unable to study abroad for any reason (immigration status, funding, disability, obligations, etc.), but are interested in opportunities to enhance your academics, please speak with an IB advisor. It is our mission to ensure all of our students have opportunities to enhance their ILLINOIS experience! Many study abroad scholarships are available!

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Programs by IB

Campus Programs in Biology

Types of Programs


  • Most Affordable Option (other than short-term)
  • Institutions ‘Exchange’ Students
  • On-Site Student Assistance Varies by Program


  • More Expensive Typically
  • More On-Site Services, Resources, and Opportunities
  • Providers May Offer Scholarships to Help with Costs


  • Some Programs are Residency
  • Typically provides On-Site Illinois Staff to Assist with Logistics
  • Vienna, and many Language Programs


  • Some Programs are Not Taught at a University, but instead at a Center set-up specifically for study abroad exchange
  • All, or some of the courses may be taught at the Center and possibly another institution


  • Some Programs are not set at just one institution, but students may be able to select from a number of institutions (Vienna)