Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

School of Integrative Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (PEEC)

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology


The Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology is an interdisciplinary, campuswide program designed to provide individualized training for graduate students. This program prepares individuals for
research and teaching careers in ecology and evolutionary biology and produces scientists who are both technically competent and broadly educated in ecology and evolutionary biology.


A Ph.D. student declares three areas
of emphasis:

  • A general area of ecology or evolution
  • A complementary general area
    (e.g., behavior, systematics, physiology, genetics)
  • A specific area related to the dissertation

See program by-laws, handbook, and FAQs.


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Contact us at:

320 Morrill Hall, MC-118
505 South Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801  USA
phone: 217/ 333-2910; fax: 217/ 244-3499


Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.
B102 CLSLCharles G. Miller Auditorium



November 5

Ken Locey
Indiana University
"A macroecological examination of the microbial 'rare biosphere' "

November 12

Cassandra Allsup
UIUC, PEEC Grad Student
"Getting to the root of it: how mycorrhizae impact compensation growth of scarlet gilia"

November 19

Adrien Finzi
Boston University
"Getting to the Root of Soil Biochemistry: Belowground Allocation and Rhizosphere Processes as Regulators of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling at Local to Global Scale"

November 26

Thanksgiving Break

No Seminar

December 3

Hillary Young
University of CA, Santa Barbara
"Effect of biodiversity loss on ecosystem function and human health across scales"


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