Biodiversity Extravaganza at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum: Sunday Dec. 9th, 1-5pm

Graduate students in the School of Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois have created some awesome activities to teach children about the diversity of life on Earth. Bring your kiddos by for a day of fun and learning at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum!

Here are some teasers for the awesome activities we’ll have:

**How Much Life is There in a Fistful of Earth?**

In this activity, kids will use some of the same tools as scientists and their powers of observation to learn about the biodiversity of the tiny soil-dwelling critters right under our feet.

**Camouflage Your Self!**
Using green screen technology and animal costumes kids will see first-hand how different animals blend in or stand out against various environment backgrounds.

**Variety is the Spice of Life!**
Kids will learn that all different species are interconnected, and what happens to biodiversity when species are not only lost, but also gained.

**Be a Hero for the Bees!**
Kids will learn why native bee species depend on a wide variety of flower species, and how they can take action in their own yards to help rescue the bees.

**Chomp, Chomp! Diverse Feeding Strategies**
By using a variety of tools, kids will learn how different kinds of insect mouth parts and bird beaks work to eat different kinds of food.

**Different Teeth Chew Different Food**
The kids will learn about how the shape of a tooth can be used to tell the what that animal eats.

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