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Seeing the world like a fish

Animal biologist develops app to see fishing lures through the eyes of a bass

Publication Date: 17 November 2017

Killer bees

Genomic study explores evolution of gentle ‘killer bees’ in Puerto Rico

From left, Matthew Hudson, Arian Avalos, Gene Robinson and their colleagues found genomic signatures associated with the evolution of gentle behavior in Puerto Rico’s Africanized honey bees.

Publication Date: 16 November 2017

Ken paige miles mesa

Some plants grow bigger – and meaner – when clipped, study finds

Like a Hydra, some plants grow bigger and boost their chemical defenses after being clipped.

Publication Date: 11 October 2017


U.S. Department of Energy grant will fund sorghum research at Illinois

Several institutions to benefit from $16 million grant to research photosynthesis and water use efficiency

Publication Date: 06 October 2017

Trapjaw ant2

Scientists discover spring-loaded mechanism in unusual species of trap-jaw ant

U. of I. animal biology professor Andrew Suarez and his colleagues describe the unusual mechanics that enable Myrmoteras ant jaws to snap closed in half a millisecond.

Publication Date: 01 September 2017

Cicada m

Cicada wings may inspire new surface technologies

The wings of Megatibicen dorsatus, a prairie-dwelling cicada, are helping engineers design water-repellent surfaces.

Publication Date: 16 August 2017

Catchen campbell staton

Lizard blizzard survivors tell story of natural selection

Julian Catchen, Shane Campbell-Staton and their colleagues found genetic, regulatory and physiological signatures of natural selection in green anole lizards that survived a bout of extremely cold weather in South Texas.

Publication Date: 03 August 2017

Robinson saul

Study finds parallels between unresponsive honey bees, autism in humans

Socially unresponsive bees share something fundamental with autistic humans, new research finds.

Publication Date: 31 July 2017

Leakey wolz

Two undergrads improve plant carbon-cycle models

Researchers at the U. of I. found that plants vary a lot in the efficiency with which they uptake carbon dioxide and conserve water. Plant biology professor Andrew Leakey, left, mentored Kevin Wolz, who was an undergraduate at the time he conducted the research. Wolz now holds degrees in civil engineering and biology and is pursuing a doctorate in biology.

Publication Date: 24 July 2017