Department of
Plant Biology

Graduate Admissions

The Department of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois has enjoyed a long tradition of identifying, training and graduating many of the world's top plant biologists. Our graduate students have gone on to highly successful and productive careers at universities and in the private sector the world over. Our graduate training program offers a diverse yet individually tailored and focused opportunity for students to develop expert-level skills in current research methodologies, critical thinking and ancillary professional attributes essential to a successful and satisfying career in plant research at the molecular, physiological and/or ecological levels. In consultation with their research advisors and graduate committees, our masters and doctoral students craft programs of study and research that involve novel collaborations with faculty and students in related disciplines of, among others, Crop Sciences, Animal Biology, Entomology, Geology, Natural Resources, and units in our sister school of Molecular and Cellular Biology. The material below should help guide you through our graduate application and admissions process. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the department or specific faculty members or graduate students directly.