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College of LAS announces named scholar positions

Carl Bernacchi honored for contributions in education and research

Several professors in the College of LAS have received named scholar positions for their contributions in education and research at the University of Illinois.

The named positions include the inaugural LAS Dean’s Distinguished Professorial Scholars, who are receiving $10,000 for teaching and research as they are promoted to full professor.

“These named scholars have been chosen for their energy, creativity, and potential in teaching and research in the College of LAS,” said Feng Sheng Hu, the Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of LAS. “They are incredible examples of the level of effort we apply to achieving academic excellence.”

The announcements include:

2020-2021 Dean’s Distinguished Professorial Scholars

Carl Bernacchi, plant biology. Bernacchi is recognized for his outstanding work in the impacts of climate change on crop physiology, energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies, carbon sequestration and crop canopy responses to stress. His research focuses on understanding the impacts of atmospheric and climatic change on crop species important to the midwestern United States.

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Publication Date: 04/28/2020
Editor: Kimberly Wilson