Teaching of Biology

Undergraduate Degree Program

Your work and extracurricular activities indicate that you enjoy explaining ideas or have an interest in contributing to the improvement of our schools. If your passion is getting others excited about biology, teaching may be the path for you.

To become certified to teach biology in a public middle or high school, you can start as an IB major.  During your junior year, your major will change to Teaching of Biology, with a minor in Secondary Education. Alternatively, you may earn your master’s degree in the Teaching of Biology, after obtaining your bachelor’s degree in IB.


IB 150 Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
MCB 150 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life


IB 202 Physiology*
IB 203 Ecology*
IB 204 Genetics*
IB 302 Evolution*
MCB 250 Molecular Genetics
MCB 251 Experimental Molecular Biology
MCB 252 Cells, Tissues, & Development
MCB 253 Experimental Cell Biology


MATH 220 or 221 Calculus
CHEM 102 General Chemistry I
CHEM 103 General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 104 General Chemistry II
CHEM 105 General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 232 Elementary Organic Chemistry
CHEM 233 Elementary Organic Chemistry Lab
PHYS 101 College Physics*
PHYS 102 College Physics*
At least 8 hours of IB/MCB advanced coursework (300– or 400– level)1

*Denotes course with laboratory component.


CI 335 Content Area App of Educ Teach
CI 401 Intro to Teaching in a Diverse Society
CI 402 Teaching Diverse Middle Grade Students
CI 403 Teaching Diverse High School Students
CI 404 Tching and Assessing Sec. Sch. Students
CI 473 Literacy in Content Areas
EPSY 201 Educational Psychology
EPSY 430 Early Adolescent Development
EPSY 485 Assessing Student Performace
EPS 201 Foundations of Education
EOL 440 Professional Issues for Teachers
EDPR 442 Ed Prac in Secondary Education
SPED 205 Introduction to Special Needs
SPED 405 Gen Educator’s Role in SPED

"IB has given me ample opportunities to learn how to be a great teacher.  Not only was I taught the curriculum well, but I got to observe some of the best teachers in action.  Plus, everyone is very helpful when it comes to reaching your goals." Kristyn Klein


Select One
GEOL 101 Intro. Physical Geology
GEOL 107 Physical Geology

Select One
ASTR 100 Perspectives in Astronomy
ASTR 210 General Astronomy

Select One
EPSY 480 Educational Statistics
STAT 212 Biostatistics

1 Students must complete twelve hours of advanced coursework (300- or 400- level) in the major on campus.

NOTE: Prior to applying to the Secondary Education Minor, the student must:
• Complete: EPSY 201; EPS 201; MATH 220 OR 221; CHEM 102, 103, 104, 105, 232, AND 233; IB 150; MCB 150; at least one required 200-level IB course and one required 200-level MCB course.
• Earn at least 50 hours of educational or service experience in a middle or high school setting
• Pass the TAP, or qualify for exemption from the TAP

For Additional Information

Email: las-teach@illinois.edu
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