The School of Integrative Biology comprises three departments that offer graduate degrees. The School also sponsors several Schoolwide and interdepartmental graduate programs. Please refer to the specific program or department for more information. 

a brightly colored fish against a dark background

Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior

MS and PhD Admissions

a row of plants growing in a greenhouse

Plant Biology

MS and PhD Admissions

a shady trail lined by tall pine trees

Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology

MS and PhD Admissions

The Natural History Building at the University of Illinois

MS in Integrative Biology

MS in IB Admissions

Two students looking at a laptop together

Online Master of Science Teaching Biology (OMST)

OMST Admissions

The woolly mammoth outside the Natural History Building

BSLAS + MS in Integrative Biology

BSLAS + MS in IB Admissions