The SIB Business Office is the primary contact for SIB faculty, staff, and students in all aspects of University Financial Operations. We strive to provide great customer service that facilitates effective administration, teaching and research in the School.

To reach our office, please contact us at

Our People

Penny Broga
Senior Associate Director for Business Affairs
(217) 333-0292
Jessi Katterhenry
Assistant Director for Business and Financial Operations
(217) 333-6786
Teresa Acosta
Accounting Specialist
(217) 244-6620
Jonathon Irle
Accounting Assistant
(217) 333-0259
Devin Althoff

Facilities Operations Coordinator
(217) 300-2340

To report a facilities issue, please email

What We Do


This includes: Reviewing monthly financial reports for accuracy; monitoring Research Grant spending for allowable costs; reviewing funding availability; preparing reports; answering general accounting questions; and completing account close-out.

Key Requests

All SIB Facility Access Requests require faculty member authorization. Faculty, fill out the SIB Facility Access Request Form to request keys for your lab staff member.

Please wait for email confirmation that keys are ready for pickup before coming to our offices. If any extended delays are expected, you will be notified.


This involves: submitting requests to vendors via appropriate campus methods; facilitating communication with vendors; providing order tracking; assisting with ordering problems; and serving as a resource for special needs and operational methods.

Fill out the Online Request for Requisition Form to order items with unit CFOP accounts.

Who to Contact

Please email This email is available to all business office staff to allow for consistent processing of orders in the event someone is out of the office.

Vendor Contacts

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted by a specific vendor sales representative. Various vendors have local contacts or representatives that travel to campus frequently.

Placing Orders

Orders may be placed electronically through the Online Request for Requisition Form. Please select to send the request to Integrative Biology at the bottom of the form before submission.

Order requests will be processed via purchase order, credit card orders via vendor websites or telephone, or through campus stores as applicable. Please complete the requisition with as much detail as possible. Providing catalog numbers, prices and item descriptions will ensure that the correct item is ordered.

The University systems for purchasing now include a system known as I-Buy. I-Buy provides the functionality for lab staff may access the secure system to request the purchase of goods. This secure system includes access to punch-out vendors such as Fisher Scientific, Sigma-Aldrich, CDW-G, Office Max and Grainger. This list will continue to grow. If you would like access to this system, please contact Penny Broga.

Reimbursements and Vouchers

This includes: assisting with pre-payment of travel expenses and also reviewing and approving miscellaneous reimbursements and payments to vendors.

Who to contact

Teresa Acosta: (217) 244-6620 or

Small Expense Reimbursement

In the day-to-day operations situations may arise that require employees of the University to make purchases for research or instructional purposes using their personal funds. Purchases of supplies should not exceed $250. Individuals should be aware that “stringing” successive small purchases or payment to bypass the $250 limitation or any other purchasing policy is not permitted whether with one or multiple vendors.

The University is exempt from paying sales taxes. Individuals making authorized cash purposes for approved business purposes should supply a copy of the University’s sales tax exemption letter to merchants and request that sales tax not be charged. A copy of the sales tax exemption letter may be obtained from the Business Office.

Miscellaneous Reimbursement Request

Business Meal Reimbursement Request

Employees requesting expense reimbursement should submit the appropriate completed reimbursement request form with detailed receipts to the Business Office.

Business Travel

Travel Planning

Employees planning business travel can receive assistance from the Business Office for airline/lodging reservations and conference registrations. Most of these reservations and registrations can be taken care of in advance with either a University T-Card (travel card) or P-Card (purchasing card) to avoid out of pocket costs to the traveler. Please contact us for assistance.

Travel Reimbursements

Employees requesting travel reimbursement should submit a completed travel reimbursement request form with applicable original detailed receipts to the Business Office. University Policy requires prompt submission of reimbursement requests. If a travel reimbursement is not submitted to Campus within 60 days of the completion of travel, the reimbursement may be considered taxable income to the traveler, unless a reasonable justification for an exception is presented. If the justification is not submitted or approved, taxes may be withheld at the following rates: 25% Federal, 3% State of Illinois, and if applicable 1.45% Medicate and 6.2% OASDI/Social Security. This deduction will be included on the employee's Form W-2.

Research Grant Preparation and Submission

This includes: assisting in reviewing research proposal submissions to meet agency submission guidelines; preparing Proposal Budgets in adherence with Campus Policies and Procedures; assisting in electronic proposal submission to agency in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration; and facilitating submission of documents to granting agency as requested prior to agency award.

Our goal is work with grant applicants to aid in the submission of research grant applications to federal and private agencies. The Business Office will serve as the primary contact for Campus (Pre-Award Processing and Post-Award Accounting) and Principal Investigators.

Please contact us for additional assistance at