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"I think it's wonderful what you do! You are saving so many college students from the stress of 'what can I even do with my degree?'."

"The experience of interacting with or just even listening to alumni was tangible proof that there is a future in IB and I was glad to see that."

Deciding on a career to pursue after graduation can be a daunting and overwhelming task without the right resources. The Alumni Mentoring Program was created to help students learn about and navigate the huge breadth of careers available with an IB degree. Since the program began in 2017, alumni like yourself have impacted hundreds of students. Your combined efforts have meant our students feel more confident about the job search process and knowledgeable about their career options. The connections you make with our students are invaluable in shaping their futures, and are incredibly meaningful to each of them.

There are a lot of ways to make an impact, and many more ways to stay connected with IB and Biology at the University of Illinois. You can select each option to learn more about what it involves.

Christina Swanson

Christina Swanson

IB Career Connections
Alumni Mentoring Program

Phone: 217-300-9002
Office: 2002 Natural History Building

Contact Christina Swanson at to talk about these or other ways to stay involved with Integrative Biology.

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Fill out our alumni profile survey to tell us a bit more about you, and how you’d like to be involved with Integrative Biology.

If you have both graduate and undergraduate degrees from IB, please fill out the undergraduate survey

"I appreciate hearing the alumni's backstories. I found it heartening that a lot of them had gone through some career changes and some uncertainty about their career paths. This was something that was stressing me out, but the fact that these successful alumni had gone through the same thing made me feel more hopeful!"

"Hearing from IB alumni helped me open my mind up to potential careers I had not previously considered."

Giving to SIB

Another way to make a large impact on our students’ lives is by contributing to student support funds to facilitate key experiences such as undergraduate research, unpaid internships, travel and lodging for off-campus experiences such as job shadows and conferences, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how to contribute to these or other IB funds, please visit our Giving to SIB page.