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Andrew Nicholas Miller

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Contact Information

1909 S. Oak St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Principal Mycologist

Research Interests

Systematics of the higher fungi (Ascomycota and Basidiomycota) using molecular and morphological data, particularly in how their phylogenetic relationships relate to current classifications; Evolution of morphological characters in members of the Ascomycota; Biodiversity and conservation of fungi throughout North America and the Neotropics; Monographic treatments and taxonomic revisions of higher fungi; Species concepts in fungi

Research Description

Andrew N. Miller is the mycologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey at the University of Illinois. He holds adjunct appointments in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois, the Botany Department at The Field Museum, and the Department of Biological Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Miller is curator of the INHS Fungarium and associate curator of the U of I fungarium. He became director of the INHS Herbarium in 2008. Dr. Miller teaches the General Mycology course in Plant Biology at U of I, and his research focuses on the systematics, evolution, biodiversity, and conservation of fungi. He has published over 65 peer-reviewed papers describing the evolutionary relationships of numerous fungal taxa new to science. Dr. Miller was elected secretary of the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Fungi in 2011 and currently serves as associate editor for Fungal BiologyMycoKeys and Organisms, Diversity and Evolution.


Ph.D., 2003, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.S., 1997, Eastern Illinois University
B.S., 1995, Eastern Illinois University

Awards and Honors

PRI Distinguished Research Scientist 2019
Eastern Illinois University Outstanding Graduate Alumni Award 2014

Additional Campus Affiliations

Principal Mycologist, Illinois Natural History Survey
Department Affiliate, Plant Biology

Recent Publications

Dirks, A. C., Mohamed, O. G., Schultz, P. J., Miller, A. N., Tripathi, A., & James, T. Y. (2023). Not all bad: Gyromitrin has a limited distribution in the false morels as determined by a new ultra high-performance liquid chromatography method. Mycologia, 115(1), 1-15.

Hensen, N., Bonometti, L., Westerberg, I., Brännström, I. O., Guillou, S., Cros-Aarteil, S., Calhoun, S., Haridas, S., Kuo, A., Mondo, S., Pangilinan, J., Riley, R., LaButti, K., Andreopoulos, B., Lipzen, A., Chen, C., Yan, M., Daum, C., Ng, V., ... Johannesson, H. (2023). Genome-scale phylogeny and comparative genomics of the fungal order Sordariales. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 189, Article 107938.

Karakehian, J. M., Pennycook, S. R., Rudman, N. A., Knierim, M., & Miller, A. N. (2023). (2965–2967) Proposals to conserve the names Mellitosporium with a conserved type, and Mellitosporiella (Fungi, Ascomycota, Marthamycetales) with those spellings and to conserve the name Mellitosporium versicolor with a conserved type. Taxon, 72(4), 923-925.

Melie, T., Pirro, S., Miller, A. N., Smith, S. D., Schutz, K. S., & Quandt, C. A. (2023). Comparative genomics and phylogenomic investigation of the class Geoglossomycetes provide insights into ecological specialization and the systematics of Pezizomycotina. Mycologia, 115(4), 499-512.

Anderson, V. M., Wendt, K. L., Caughron, J. B., Matlock, H. P., Rangu, N., Najar, F. Z., Miller, A. N., Luttenton, M. R., & Cichewicz, R. H. (2022). Assessing Microbial Metabolic and Biological Diversity to Inform Natural Product Library Assembly. Journal of Natural Products, 85(4), 1079-1088.

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