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Philip S L Anderson

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Contact Information

101 Shelford Vivarium
608 East Healey Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior

Research Interests

Comparative evolutionary biomechanics in both vertebrates and invertebrates, particularly to examine how the laws of physics and mechanics influence evolutionary processes; combining kinematics and fracture mechanics to examine the evolution of biological cutting/puncture systems; biomechanical and morphological diversification in deep-time; evolution of multi-part biomechanical systems; paleobiomechanics


PhD: University of Chicago, IL
BA: Carleton College, MN

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Associate Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Scott, B. R., & Anderson, P. S. L. (2023). Examining competition during the agnathan/gnathostome transition using distance-based morphometrics. Paleobiology, 49(2), 313-328.

Anderson, P. S. L., & Kawano, S. M. (2022). Different Traits at Different Rates: The Effects of Dynamic Strain Rate on Structural Traits in Biology. Integrative and comparative biology, 62(3), 683-699.

Anderson, P. S. L. (2022). Shifts in morphological covariation and evolutionary rates across multiple acquisitions of the trap-jaw mechanism in Strumigenys. Evolution, 76(9), 2076-2088.

Cook, A., Pandhigunta, K., Acevedo, M. A., Walker, A., Didcock, R. L., Castro, J. T., O'Neill, D., Acharya, R., Saad Bhamla, M., Anderson, P. S. L., & Ilton, M. (2022). A Tunable, Simplified Model for Biological Latch Mediated Spring Actuated Systems. Integrative Organismal Biology, 4(1), Article obac032.

Deakin, W. J., Anderson, P. S. L., den Boer, W., Smith, T. J., Hill, J. J., Rücklin, M., Donoghue, P. C. J., & Rayfield, E. J. (2022). Increasing morphological disparity and decreasing optimality for jaw speed and strength during the radiation of jawed vertebrates. Science Advances, 8(11), Article abl3644.

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