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Anna V Kukekova

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Contact Information

1201 West Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
Affiliate, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Recent Publications

Dudek, S. M., Phoenix, A. N., Scappini, E., Shepeleva, D. V., Herbeck, Y. E., Trut, L. N., Farris, S., & Kukekova, A. V. (2023). Defining hippocampal area CA2 in the fox (Vulpes vulpes) brain. Hippocampus, 33(6), 700-711.

Kharlamova, A. V., Shikhevich, S. G., Vladimirova, A. V., Kukekova, A. V., & Efimov, V. M. (2023). A Putative Locus for Cranial-Size Variability of the Fox (Vulpes vulpes). Russian Journal of Genetics, 59(5), 466-482.

Rogers Flattery, C. N., Abdulla, M., Barton, S. A., Michlich, J. M., Trut, L. N., Kukekova, A. V., & Hecht, E. E. (2023). The brain of the silver fox (Vulpes vulpes): a neuroanatomical reference of cell-stained histological and MRI images. Brain Structure and Function, 228(5), 1177-1189.

Kukekova, A. V., Trut, L. N., & Acland, G. M. (2022). Genetics of domesticated behavior in dogs and foxes. In Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, Third Edition (pp. 275-323). Elsevier.

Hecht, E. E., Kukekova, A. V., Gutman, D. A., Acland, G. M., Preuss, T. M., & Trut, L. N. (2021). Neuromorphological changes following selection for tameness and aggression in the Russian farm-fox experiment. Journal of Neuroscience, 41(28), 6144-6156.

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