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Carl Bernacchi

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Contact Information

1201 W. Gregory Drive
196 E.R. Madigan Laboratory
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Areas


Research Description

Impacts of climate change on crop physiology, energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies, carbon sequestration, crop canopy responses to stress

The overall focus of my research is to understand the impacts of atmospheric and climatic change on crop species important to the Midwestern U.S. Included in these analyses are global change scenarios as well as natural variations in growth conditions over a wide range of temporal scales.

Specific research includes:

  1. determining how vegetation responds to atmospheric change with emphasis on energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies,
  2. measuring net ecosystem carbon exchange using eddy covariance techniques to estimate the carbon sequestration potential of Midwest agriculture, and
  3. working toward a mechanistic understanding of crop canopy responses to stresses, such as drought or insect infestation. In addition, I am also involved in numerous projects that focus on soybean physiological responses to growth in elevated CO2 and O3.

Specific research experiments in which I am involved include SoyFACE and the Ameriflux network. My participation with this project includes running two eddy covariance flux towers in Bondville, IL.


M.S., Bradley University
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Crop Sciences
Professor, Plant Biology
Affiliate, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Recent Publications

Aspray, E. K., Mies, T. A., McGrath, J. A., Montes, C. M., Dalsing, B., Puthuval, K. K., Whetten, A., Herriott, J., Li, S., Bernacchi, C. J., DeLucia, E. H., Leakey, A. D. B., Long, S. P., McGrath, J. M., Miglietta, F., Ort, D. R., & Ainsworth, E. A. (2023). Two decades of fumigation data from the Soybean Free Air Concentration Enrichment facility. Scientific Data, 10(1), Article 226.

Bernacchi, C. J., Ruiz-Vera, U. M., Siebers, M. H., DeLucia, N. J., & Ort, D. R. (2023). Short- and long-term warming events on photosynthetic physiology, growth, and yields of field grown crops. Biochemical Journal, 480(13), 999-1014.

Burroughs, C. H., Montes, C. M., Moller, C. A., Mitchell, N. G., Michael, A. M., Peng, B., Kimm, H., Pederson, T. L., Lipka, A. E., Bernacchi, C. J., Guan, K., & Ainsworth, E. A. (2023). Reductions in Leaf Area Index, Pod Production, Seed Size and Harvest Index Drive Yield Loss to High Temperatures in Soybean. Journal of experimental botany, 74(5), 1629–1641. Article erac503.

Gardner, A., Jiang, M., Ellsworth, D. S., MacKenzie, A. R., Pritchard, J., Bader, M. K. F., Barton, C. V. M., Bernacchi, C., Calfapietra, C., Crous, K. Y., Dusenge, M. E., Gimeno, T. E., Hall, M., Lamba, S., Leuzinger, S., Uddling, J., Warren, J., Wallin, G., & Medlyn, B. E. (2023). Optimal stomatal theory predicts CO2 responses of stomatal conductance in both gymnosperm and angiosperm trees. New Phytologist, 237(4), 1229-1241.

Gomez-Casanovas, N., Mwebaze, P., Khanna, M., Branham, B., Time, A., DeLucia, E. H., Bernacchi, C. J., Knapp, A. K., Hoque, M. J., Du, X., Blanc-Betes, E., Barron-Gafford, G. A., Peng, B., Guan, K., Macknick, J., Miao, R., & Miljkovic, N. (2023). Knowns, uncertainties, and challenges in agrivoltaics to sustainably intensify energy and food production. Cell Reports Physical Science, 4(8), Article 101518.

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