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Charles C Roseman

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Contact Information

203 Shelford Vivarium
608 East Healey Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Recent Publications

Yim, A. D., Cowgill, L., Katz, D. C., & Roseman, C. C. (2023). Variation in ontogenetic trajectories of limb dimensions in humans is attributable to both climatic effects and neutral evolution. Journal of Human Evolution, 179, Article 103369.

Percival, C. J., Devine, J., Hassan, C. R., Vidal-Garcia, M., O'Connor-Coates, C. J., Zaffarini, E., Roseman, C., Katz, D., & Hallgrimsson, B. (2022). The genetic basis of neurocranial size and shape across varied lab mouse populations. Journal of Anatomy, 241(2), 211-229.

Roseman, C. C., & Kaplan, J. M. (2022). Reliability is No Vice: Environmental Variance and Human Agency. Biological Theory, 17(3), 210-226.

Aponte, J. D., Katz, D. C., Roth, D. M., Vidal-García, M., Liu, W., Andrade, F., Roseman, C. C., Murray, S. A., Cheverud, J., Graf, D., Marcucio, R. S., & Hallgrímsson, B. (2021). Relating multivariate shapes to genescapes using phenotype-biological process associations for craniofacial shape. eLife, 10, Article e68623.

Roseman, C. C. (2021). Lewontin did not commit Lewontin's fallacy, his critics do: Why racial taxonomy is not useful for the scientific study of human variation. BioEssays, 43(12), Article 2100204.

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