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Christopher Michael Stone

Medical Entomologist

Additional Campus Affiliations

Medical Entomologist, Illinois Natural History Survey
Center Affiliate, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Recent Publications

Mackay, A. J., Yan, J., Kim, C-H., Barreaux, A. M. G., & Stone, C. M. (2023). Larval diet and temperature alter mosquito immunity and development: using body size and developmental traits to track carry-over effects on longevity. Parasites and Vectors, 16(1).

Uelmen, J. A., Lamcyzk, B., Irwin, P., Bartlett, D., Stone, C., Mackay, A., Arsenault-Benoit, A., Ryan, S. J., Mutebi, J. P., Hamer, G. L., Fritz, M., & Smith, R. L. (2023). Human biting mosquitoes and implications for West Nile virus transmission. Parasites and Vectors, 16(1), Article 2.

Flenniken, J. M., Tuten, H. C., Rose Vineer, H., Phillips, V. C., Stone, C. M., & Allan, B. F. (2022). Environmental Drivers of Gulf Coast Tick (Acari: Ixodidae) Range Expansion in the United States. Journal of medical entomology, 59(5), 1625-1635.

Mackay, A. J., Cara, C., Kim, C. H., & Stone, C. M. (2022). Update on the distribution of Culiseta melanura in regions of Illinois with prior eastern equine encephalitis virus activity. Journal of Vector Ecology, 47(2), 230-234.

Murray, M. H., Buckley, J., Byers, K. A., Fake, K., Lehrer, E. W., Magle, S. B., Stone, C., Tuten, H., & Schell, C. J. (2022). One Health for All: Advancing Human and Ecosystem Health in Cities by Integrating an Environmental Justice Lens. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 53, 403-426.

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